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iPad Pro?

I am vaguely thinking of getting an iPad Pro for SD, JeppFD and ADL.

Has anyone tried this combination? If so what screen size? If a big screen, have you tried it in a small aircraft (say Mooney)?

EGKB Biggin Hill

The plane I rent most often (Cessna P210) comes with a previous generation iPad Pro that contains POH, Jeppesen approach plates, etc. It is the 9.7-inch version. I think that’s the right size. The iPad mini is too small. Even if people say it is the same size as the Jeppesen paper charts are/were and thus “optimal”, I prefer the middle size. The 12 inch is too big IMHO. Never went in a Mooney. I strap it to my thigh, like I used to do with my paper maps, with a MyClip, a simple elastic strap with two adjustable rubber grips to keep the tablet in place.


I have the iPad pro 12.9”. It is great but very large. Not ideal for a small aircraft cockpit in my opinion. The 11” in best. I had the 10.5 which I loved.

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EGTK Oxford

Is there a particular reason it would be a problem, other than sheer size?

The largest ones are favourites for show demos

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Is there a particular reason it would be a problem, other than sheer size?

No. Good battery life, great screen.

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EGTK Oxford

I also find the Pro too large. I actually prefer of the three the mini which I think is the perfect size, but I guess that is just down to preference. They are useful to carry around with you as well for all sorts of weather and flight planning related tasks and again you really dont want to be carrying the Pro with you off aircraft would be my personal view.

I have a pro 10.5 and size has worked out well in any plane (I mostly fly diamonds) but cubs and drains turbulent. The pen is great for clearances / Atis (until you lose it in some corner of course)

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After trying larger ones I’ve settled on the Mini – it’s the ideal size for yoke mounting. Used as a kneeboard the bigger ones are probably ok, but I prefer having my paper kneeboard there. Guess I’m old school – I prefer to copy clearances etc on paper. Airplane is (mostly) a C210.

Just bought an iPad mini( to replace ageing nexus 7) work fine with SD and yoke mounts nicely in my Grumman Tiger.

EGNS, Other

I do switch between the iPad Pro 10.5 and the iPhone XS Max. Most of the time the iPhone is sufficient, only to have the Jeppesen Mobile VFR charts shown, I do use the iPad at the moment.

EDDS , Germany
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