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Last minute stay over at Rotterdam


I’m planning a weekend trip with the family. Originally was thinking La Rochelle but an absolute lack of property to stay kills that idea.

So – Rotterdam. I’m posting to see if there are any special requirements / warnings / problems anyone knows of?

This will be in my RV10.


EGKL, United Kingdom

@Sebastian_H might know.

LFOU, France

AFAIK no issues flying UK to Netherlands according to 3 Mooniacs: one who took his Mooney to maintenance in Breda Int (Hoven/Seppe) and the next guy who went and pick him in another Mooney (was not me unfortunately) and my syndicate partner who took our Mooney last weekend on trip to Texel/Lelystad with his wife

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Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

There are no issues, but Rotterdam together with Amsterdam has mandated the use of facemasks in busy places. This Thursday there could be more measures in effect, as a pressconference is announced. I think you can get handling through the aeroclub. Google ‘vliegclub Rotterdam’ but I’m not sure if that arrangement is still in effect.

EHTE, Netherlands

@carlmeek, is that a PtF aircraft?
If yes, how do you plan to overfly Belgium and enter NL? Separate request?


My understanding is that is no longer needed?

EGKL, United Kingdom

Got it!


That’s a useful data point; I have updated the general homebuilt privileges thread.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

carlmeek wrote:

So – Rotterdam. I’m posting to see if there are any special requirements / warnings / problems anyone knows of?

This will be in my RV10.

As Bobo above wrote, PPR and handling via the Vliegclub Rotterdam

Please note that Avgas is only available since a while now with an AirBP card! I don’t know if the aeroclub can help you in case you don’t have one, if you let me know when you intend to arrive, I could meet you at the VCR and help you out with my card (would love to have a look at an RV-10 anyway!). Otherwise, Midden-Zeeland EHMZ has Avgas at similar prices, and the long and well-maintained grass runway should work for you easily.

Special requirements wise, the beach area around Scheveningen is quite crowded and I tend to avoid it; instead I prefer to go in the direction of Hoek van Holland / Monster, but that will require a car. Brouwersdam further to the south is also nice, but could be crowded due to the CentreParc nearby.

Edit: When leaving from EHRD (or the controlled airfields in the Netherlands in general), you formally need to submit the flight plan via According to the AIP, Dutch ATC does not accept AFTN-filed flight plans from non-AROs (i.e. Skydemon / EuroFPL is out). There are normally terminals available in the VCR, but if that does not work you can call either Amsterdam ARO via phone, or let me know and I can file something for you.

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EHRD / Rotterdam

That NL VFR flight plan filing stuff (requiring Homebriefing) is completely bizzare, but we did it before here in various threads e.g. here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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