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Lelystad - crazy prices

I just saw the 2013 fees for Lelystad airfield. This summer, a weekend landing for a Cessna 150 is now more than 40 Euros. In an SR22 or a Bonanza it is now north of 70 Euros! Just the landing fee. Here is the link to the document (only available in the very important dutch language... hats off to the managers of this "business airport"...)

Totally crazy for what is (due to some weird restriction on instrument approaches) essentially a VFR-only GA airfield in the middle of nowhere. I mean..., prices are crazy at most of the dutch airfields, but Lelystad is now at the very top of them.

Chaps, don't go there any longer! Thus, they will hopefully review their business. But it won't be easy, because unfortunately, they know they are the only hard surface GA airfield in the greater Amsterdam area, so most local pilots (and foreigners intending to visit Amsterdam) will have no alternative.

Real estate prices in the Netherlands are plummeting these days, so don't come and tell me that it is too small and densely populated a country to allow lower landing fees for GA.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

As I understand it, EHLE would very much like to become an alternate for Schiphol. Apparently they decided to first get rid of the small rag-tag before offering the facilities the big boys require. (an ILS, for example; or authority for their tower staff, who offer an INFO only service today)

I have more than once read here and elsewhere that EHRD Rotterdam is quite suitable as an alternative.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Unfortunately not. AFAIK, the Rotterdm airport authority does no longer allow visitors to use the aeroclub as their handling agent. Thus, if you have to use one of the official agents, a landing will cost you in the region of 150 Euros in a piston single...

And again, coming back to Lelystad: I am not so much talking about the one-off Amsterdam visit by a foreign pilot. For these, 30 Euros more or less for a landing will not make much difference in the overall cost of a trip like that. The problem with these kinds of fees is that it kills the bottom end (local) GA activity. Actually the type of flying you do. And when this part of GA dies, so will the "upper piston, going-places GA", sooner or later. We're all in the same boat.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Ah, too bad. I was indeed remembering the aeroclub formula/work-around. If all them silly Dutch are in league to push g/a away, you'll have to consider alternatives: little Belgium is just round the corner, and, err, we have some nice and affordable aerodromes, yet. Actually there's a good deal of Dutch pilots flying from Belgian fields. Though the clouds are gathering here, too.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium


fine for you, but the question of 300 vs. 400 Euros is totally irrelevant for "small GA"...

@Jan: Sorry, but as long as we continue to accept things like this (for example driving several hours just to get to our aircraft in order to go for a bimble) we are not going to become conscious of how the usable infrastructure for small GA is dwindling in Europe.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Boscomantico, Yes, that's the minimum.. It will really be worse for most. Because you need to add 21% VAT.. And, as you said correctly, that is only the landing fee, so there are surcharges. Note the distinction between local aircraft and incidental visitors. I used to live in Holland, and flew from Lelystad. Sad to see that my compatriots don't seem to get the picture that to increase your revenues you need to be welcoming to aviators from outside rather than trying to milk them. I think many pilots may just decide not to go there any more because nobody likes to get the feeling of being ripped off, even if you can afford it. A disgrace that the entrepeneurial spirit in Holland seems to be fading away..

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Landing fees in NL are quite high. Airfields are privately owned, and a lot of money goes into taxes. Landing fees depend on aircraft weight and noise clasification.

Lelystad EHLE is my home field, and a landing for a DA40 (Noise cat. 5 / 73dB) is:

14,75EUR Weekdays 07:00-19:00lt 22,18EUR Weekdays 19:00-21:00lt 27,01EUR Weekend high season 16,58EUR Weekend low season

For a Cessna 150 you'll pay the same kind of prices, as it will be Noise cat. 5 or 6. The Cirrus 22 (which is more then 1500kg and Noise cat.1) you pay indeed 71EUR in the high season weekends.

I have the good intention to not fly to any NL airport in 2013. Germany and France are nearby and offer better prices and service then airfields in The Neterlands. The only airfield in NL that I can recommend is Texel EHTX, which has a very friendly staff, and they try really hard to be the best GA airfield in the Netherlands.

I have more than once read here and elsewhere that EHRD Rotterdam is quite suitable as an alternative.

It is not. EHRD has mandatory handling, and a landing there will be much more expensive then on EHLE.

So, what is the general going price for landing around Europe with a light GA? In Sweden it's 315 Skr, or about €35 with taxes. This is at state owned and operated airports, except ESSA. I think it's about the same in Finland while Denmark is less(?).

Handling is becoming a real nuisance when flying private, like you say they're milking the precious few that happen to stop by instead of ensuring a steady stream. This will only result in less visitors and ultimately the demise of light GA.

ESSB, Stockholm Bromma

In the UK, for a GA airfield with full ATC I'd say around £20 is about the average. For a field with info or air ground, between £5 and £10. I resent paying anyone for 'handling' when I am quite capable of sorting out my own needs,

Dear all

Rotterdam is approximately 18,xx + vat.

Handling is mandatory ever since somebody landed a small aircraft and parked p next to Transavia and walked up the steps and went public.

Now you are straight away managed to Lima Or Foxtrot platforms.

Rotterdam very much would like to welcome ga. A discussion is going to create a permanent handling solution by the 2 clubs.

In the meantime.. if you plan for a stopover in Holland.. please pm me and I will arrange your handling.

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