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Ljubljana Skiing

Anyone have any info on skiing at KRVAVEC?

Flying into LJLJ. Fees are reasonable 71 Euros for 3 nights includes landing handling and 3 nights @8 euros a night.

I found this hotel on top of the mountain but it is booked solid.

Anyone familiar with the Mountain? Any other good hotels? Do you need a car? Is there public transport?

Thanks in advance.


I used to ski there in the past when there was more snow in general across the region, last time maybe 5-6 years ago. It’s very popular as day-trip from Ljubljana and there is public transport from city but I’m not sure about the airport.

Maybe this can help:

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

The tofal distance from the airport to the aerial gondola at Krvavec is 8 kilometers, so taxi is the best option. There are shuttle services at the airport:
Public transport is awkward, it would take you toward the city first.
The ski area is open and has good (man-made snow) conditions, about 40 cm. There are several B&B in Cerklje (2 km to the gondola), check Hotel Dvor Jezersek there, too (excellent food).

I have been looking at this stuff too and my guess is that these places are much cheaper than Switzerland/Austria (most of the earth’s surface would be ) and this is why they are booked out by families. Taking 2-3 kids for a ski holiday can be incredibly expensive, especially as full-board makes life so much easier than hauling them around some town and spending €100 on a dinner for all, and most kids don’t really care whether the rock in the distance is the Matterhorn…

Maybe there is a website which lists the school holidays in different countries?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Maybe there is a website which lists the school holidays in different countries?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Thanks guys for the heads up. I will follow up in the AM tomorrow.


markom wrote:

Hotel Dvor Jezersek
Markom how far is it by car to the mountain? On the map it seems like a distance. Any issues parking when we get to the mountain?


Hotel Dvor Jezeršek is less than 2 km from the airport (village Zgornji Brnik), not to be confused with the Jezersek family other location a bit farther away in Sora. From Hotel Dvor Jezerršek it is about 7 km to the aerial gondola valley station, which has a big parking lot. Whenever it is crowded, there is a free shuttle bus connecting additional parking lots.
Krvavec is great for its proximity to the Ljubljana airport and to Ljubljana city (I drive there in about 20 minutes) but it does not have much of hotel facilities around. You might want to have a look at Kranjska gora, which is 45 km from the airport and it has hotels right on the slopes.

Hi Markom Checking out the hotels and you are right the only one that seems to be acceptable is Kravec. But they dont have availability for the time we would want to go the first weekend in March actually Sunday to Tuesday. The other options are hostels and we dont want to do that. So I took your advice and looked into Kranjska gora and did find Suite Hotel Klass. with good ratings and lots of positive reviews.

Now my other question is are you familiar with the skiing in Kranjska? We have mixed bag going, one beginner level and 2 intermediates and one a lower level advanced. Which is a better resort for that experience level?

45 KM equates to about 1/2hr?

You might know and of course wont hold you to it but what are the weather conditions usually that time of year for skiing? Is it still good or expect slushy spring skiing?

Too bad Bled is VFR only since its 1/2 way there. But I would not like to depart out of there and going IMC before picking up the IFR clearance since last time picking up an IFR clearance occurred at I think 9000’ heading direct to the Mtns. Good thing it was VMC.


Kranjska gora has the whole range of slopes, for very beginners right at the hotels, through intermediate all the way to the World Cup course. Speaking of it, I have just checked the calendar and the men’s World Cup race is March 4-5. This means a crowd of spectators, but the easier slopes may be empty, with everybody watching the race. When the race ends, things are back to normal. Also the school holidays finish before that, so you should be OK.
45 km is about 25 km highway and 20 km regular road, so maybe 40 minutes.
Early March should be still cold enough for good snow, but you never know for sure.
Bled LJBL has a concrete runway, and you can depart VFR direction LJLJ and connect to a SID in the air or directly on a Z-plan. It is a good idea to file it beforehand and maybe even call LJLJ ARO (+386 4 204 0420) before departure.

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