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Longest ownership of a particular aircraft and which mods you have done

It would be great to hear how long some people have kept theirs and what mods were done during that time.

It is well known that enhancements are rarely reflected in resale value and thus make little sense unless you keep the plane for a long time.

My ownership is now over 16 years which seems a lot longer than most but nowhere near as long as some. Enhancements have included

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

PA18 now going on six years – it had been out of service for some years when I got it, so initially

- Norvic engine overhaul
- Mode S
- Four point BAS harnesses
- New tyres

It has had new fabric in stages, all done by Rebecca and Carl Tyers at Spanhoe: wings, then rear fuselage and tail plane – so classic slightly different shades of yellow.

The radio, run from a motorbike battery, was upgraded to 8.33 last year.

This year flight control cables will be replaced and the tailwheel will be upgraded to a Scott 3200. May upgrade the bolts on the landing gear, although these are checked regularly.

Glass cockpit is a wonderful Garmin 196.

Oxford (EGTK)

TB20, which I own since 2012:

- New paint
- GTN750 + remote audio panel
- engine monitor JPI730
- stormscope WX500
- 8.33KHz second radio update (KX165A)
- ADL 150 satellite weather
- Mountain High Oxygen system with CFFC-048 cylinder (not a fixed installation)
- life raft and jackets
- Norvic engine overhaul

LKHK, Czech Republic

PA46 for 5 years. It was already very well equipped, with GTNs, EDM JPI and onboard weather.

New paint
New carpet, cushions, blankets
Custom blackout window shades
GTX345 ADS-B transponder and Garmin Flight Stream 510
GAMI injectors
Fuel flow added on existing JPI EDM with link to GTN750
Chartview added to GTN (the only upgrade I regret as money wasted)
Panel plug for connecting handheld radio to external antenna
Magnetic attachment for iPad mini on yoke

New digital AP with enveloppe protection going in as soon as STEC3100 stc available.

I keep looking at glass upgrades (the G500TxI looks good, doesn’t it) but can’t convince myself there’s added utility or safety.


Only 45 years since new. I was there when the BE36 was delivered from the factory.
Added since new: three blade prop with deicing, second engine in 1980, repainted, boutique third engine in ’99, six new Superior cylinders last year due to AD, old cylinders were still perfect after 1000 hours. Gamijectors, GTN650. The PN101 HSI is still original and in perfect condition.


RobertL18C wrote:

It has had new fabric in stages, all done by Rebecca and Carl Tyers at Spanhoe: wings, then rear fuselage and tail plane – so classic slightly different shades of yellow.

So has my Auster, and it too is all slightly different shades of yellow :-) I think the fuselage was last done about 2006 or so, and it’s holding up nicely. The wings were done 5 years ago.

I don’t really worry about resale value when I do some kind of improvement, it’s all part of making the plane the way I want it. My next upgrade will probably be a modern set of electronic engine instruments, and Mode S + ADSB (we’ve got Mode C at the moment) which will probably mean we make a new panel. (During the permit revalidation this year I tidied up the wiring behind the panel, but I think to do a really nice job will require a new panel that’s set up from the get go to have a really nicely managed wiring harness).

We spent a few days at Spanhoe this year during the revalidation, the weather was glorious and it was very enjoyable even if there were a few frustrations (like Parcelfarce sending our landing gear bungees to the wrong depot).

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Andreas IOM

dirkdj wrote:

Only 45 years since new. I was there when the BE36 was delivered from the factory.

I can’t beat that, but my V35A was born over 50 years ago, but I have only owned it 39 years. Four engines, one C406 prop, about to do the fourth major major avionics upgrade. Started with KY160, a Narco window wiper DME, pneumatic Brittain autopilot and no transponder. Evolved to Stec 60-1, then 60-2 and soon to be integrated with a 500txi and GAD 43E to add altitude pre-select. I am on my third transponder, a mode S GTX33 but not ES version. I do have a GDL88 ADS-B Out/In system and a GDL69A XM weather and entertainment receiver. My trusty KCS55A (two overhauls) is being replaced by the 500txi. My flight director is being replaced also by the 500txi but I am adding a G5 standby backup. I am on my third EGT, now a JPI700 and I have a Shadin Miniflow added somewhere along the way. My Argus 5000CE is going to be a boat anchor. My first and still backup RNAV system is my KNS80. I have since added a KLN88 IFR Loran, superseded by a KLN90B, then by a GNS430, then by a GNS530, then upgraded to a GNS530W and soon to be replaced by a GTN750. My number two com has been upgraded over the years, but is now stuck at being a KY197A. My KMA20 audio panel and an Avionics master were also added along the way. The audio panel was eventually upgraded to a GMA350 which although is fully functional, I am about a quarter inch short of vertical panel space to replace the GNS530W with the GTN750, so it will come out to be replace by the remote panel controlled by the GTN750. I also added a FlightStream 210 which I use to test with ForeFlight. The older Narco ELT was replaced with an ACK450 ELT that includes 406 MHz and last GPS position. The airplane has been painted twice since I bought it. The wing tips were replaced with the later design that allowed the addition of internal wingtip strobes. I will probably add a standby alternator and remove the unneeded pressure pump.

KUZA, United States

I’ve had the Piper J3 Cub since Dec 2003 and we’ve done a fair bit,

- Rebuilt EDO 1320 Floats
- C90-8 Upgrade (Overauled/New Cylinder Kits)
- McCauley 71/46 seaplane prop
- Life Time Lift Struts
- Radio/Intercom
- Shoulder Harnesses
- Wing Tank

It was my first plane. I was a “rode” a bit during the process, but I learned alot. Standing me alot more than I care to think about. I’ve owned and sold lots of heavily modified aeroplanes. I’m about to start a major re-life of a U206F I just bought.

Buying, Selling, Flying
EIBR, Ireland

1965 Mooney M20C. Owning it since end 2009.

It came with:
- Powerflow Exhaust
- Re-aranged panel (standard T)
- GNS430
- KN64 DME
- KR87 ADF
- KT76A
- Davtron Temp/DA/Volt indicator
- Shadin Fuel Computer
- 121.5 ELT

Since then:
- Engine overhaul 2011 (Cermec SA)
- Trigg TT31 Mode S / ADS-B out transponder 2013
- Artex ELT 2013
- LED landing light (2013 abouts)
- Prop overhaul 2015
- GNS430 upgraded to WAAS 2015
- DME exchanged for a KN62A
- Stec 55X AP upgraded 2015
- Aspen EFD1000 2015
- Power Flarm 2015
- New fuel tank covers and inlets 2016
- Engine repair (Magneto, carburettor overhaul, new Shower of Sparks box.) 2017

I had a Garmin 295 first, then a 495 and finally got a 695 now for VFR.

Eventually I will need to get a repaint, the wings look really bad. I am musing over installing Monroy tanks but I guess that will not happen.

Before that I owned a Cessna 150L. It came with NAV/COM 720 channel, Transponder and analogue ADF. Upgraded to 760 Com (KY92), ILS (Narco 112), HSI (Narco DGO10) and a DME (KN62A). It was IFR certified by the time I sold it. I also acquired a Pronav 100 GPS (later Garmin 100) which I own to this day.

LSZH, Switzerland

C172 N acquired in 2013

Since then:
- engine overhaul
- elt 406
- Trig 96 radio
- Garmin Trasponder S
- yole mounted gps
- new tail plastics
- changed all the screws
- nosewheel pant.

- new paint
- new windows
- new external plastics (front end)
- new internal plastics

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Sabaudia airstrip
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