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Looking for Aircraft paint shop

Hello, i am looking for a aircraft paintshop with reasonable prices to repaint a 40year old c182 (just dont want to overspend just for the paint)
has anyone any infos, experiance, etc can bring the aircraft to any place within europe

cheers and thanks


A former hangar neighbour had his Mooney painted by this company Link in the Czech Republic. He was very satisfied with the results, price was less than half of that at the most widely known German paintshop.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

I can confirm that, my Socata TB-20 was painted in a Czech paintshop at LKVM. I am very satisfied with the result and price. Peter (the admin) saw the result in person, he can confirm the quality of work. More info can be found here:

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LKHK, Czech Republic

Yes, i would recommend tha paint shop at LKVM too, i saw some of the results. Very nice. I thought about (maybe) repainting the Cirrus one day and I got a very interesting offer from those guys.

I got my PA28 done at in Bournemouth. I’m a fussy kind of person who expects the highest quality, and I absolutely cannot fault them on a single point at all.

I’ve booked mine in with Murray Flint for Jan 2016.

Forever learning

thanks to all of you. i been in touch with aero at lkvm but earliest they can do is may 2015 shame


Try Mick Allen:

Mick has painted two of my own aircraft and probably 20 plus of those I have maintained.

There is a reason Mick has a long waiting list beware those that can fit you straight in….

Looking at some of the sites, and the work they have done, all looks impressive. What are folks views on paint schemes. In particular, new style schemes, on older airframes?

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow


that’s how it is unfortunately. Can’t just walk in and assume they were waiting for you. Need to plan ahead with these things. The same goes for major avionics upgrades.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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