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Looking to speak to Maule pilots

Currently I fly a Cirrus SR22 with a turbo-normalized engine. I fly 98% IFR and most flights take place at FL190/FL200 and are between 3 – 4 hours.

However, a few things have changed and as the nearest airport for an SR22 is 1.5 hours away it became impractical to use.

On the other hand I may be able to use a “piece of grass” close by and that requires a different type of aircraft.

As I see it a Maule would still allow me to fly high and IFR (turbo engine) but also allow me to land on a short strip. And I can still carry four people and use airports that are closed to ultralights otherwise.

How can share a bit and would love to talk?

Frequent travels around Europe

@Jacko might help you.

Did you move or did your former base closed ?

The answer is here:

At the moment I’m mostly looking for actual performance data in terms of landing / takeoff distances and cruise performance with regards to IFR flight.

What about icing? I’m used to TKS and not overly worried about icing as I get on top quickly

Frequent travels around Europe

Wow, didn‘t know you bought the farm…

Seriously, the pics are beautiful. But yes; Spain has the lowest density of proper „airfields“ of all of Europe.

Still, I don‘t think that such aircraft you are looking for really exists. Well, it of course depends on how long, even and firm that strip you are planning to use is. But cruise speed and STOL are of course almost mutually exclusive.

For what I know, Maules are unconfortable and don‘t cruise much above 120 knots.
Maybe a King Katmai with IO-550 would be an idea. No turbo or anti-ice, but quite a machine.
Otherwise, there are T206s with TKS. Heck, maybe even a Silver Eagle might be able to cope with that strip…

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

C182 with G1000?
Saw one at a gass strip (Damyns Hall) after an atlantic crossing in real weather, so I think it does it, speed is 140kts tough…

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Hard to beat a Katmai or Kenai (C182 conversions by Todd Peterson). Not cheap though but hold their value well.

My King Katmai numbers:

Take off on grass: 500ft. Tarmac 300ft
Landing same with practise.

Stall speed 31 knots
Cruise speed standard wheels 155 knots
Cruise speed big wheels 140knots
Fuel flow at 11,000ft, LOP. 11.5 GPH cruise 135knots big wheels
Range >1000Nm with 111 us gals on board including wingtip tanks
Plenty of space for 4 people and bags. Huge carrying capacity.
Extended baggage compartment so you can sleep in it. Never tried it.

I bought my King Katmai 10 years ago to operate from my field at home. Best plane I’ve ever had and I’ve had 4 others.

Downside is they are hard to find and Todd Peterson is trying to cut down on the number he builds per year from 20 this year to 8 next and as I said above, not cheap unfortunately.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

I should have said you can get a ballistic parachute and or TKS de-ice fitted as well. Best thing about C182 is there is an STC for just about anything.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

Maules are unconfortable and don‘t cruise much above 120 knots.

My one flight in a Maule left me very impressed with the STOL performance, although the pilot’s poor wife spent the whole 2hrs puking up in the back seat… and this was at ~2000ft on a typical UK summer day, with the usual light thermals throwing the plane up and down all over the place.

It also need different skills from flying a “normal” SEP. The group owning the above one wrecked it shortly afterwards.

OTOH if you have an IR and oxygen then you could fly the Maule at more reasonable altitudes.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Congratulations seems a nice place to set up a base. It looks like well drained land, so your airstrip could be a decent 300-400 metres.

A 182P or 182Q with possibly a P-Ponk engine or IO-550 would be fine, albeit a 140KTAS aircraft.

In terms of value storage the 185 seems to just appreciate. This one is good (reasonable because didn’t emerge from the factory with the seaplane mod), and comes with oxygen.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)


Out of interest, what size (and approx diameter) are the King Katmai’s “big” and “small” tyres, and what is the minimum practical inflation pressure for each?


Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom
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