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Lots of U.S. military aeronautical charts available for free download

I have just discovered (even though it may already be old news) a big stash of ONC (1:1M), TPC (1:500K) and JOG (1:250K) charts available for download from UTexas library. Though old, they may still be among the best stuff available for some regions of the world.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

That’s brilliant.

Who is going to grab them?

The last ONCs were done done c. 1998. My early VFR trips to Greece used them and even today the only VFR charts for Greece are the 1998 ONCs but marked-up with airspace etc.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
pasion por volar

I was going to grab the lot using Jobo but had a look at this one

whose revision date doesn’t make any sense. It should be 1998.

The jpeg cannot be downloaded because “it contains errors” (in Firefox).

So I wonder if these are some really ancient maps?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

OK, here we go. The ONC G3 from the above URL says

while the ONC G3 I have been flying with since 2004 says 1998. For that one I can no longer find the original scanned version; I paid about 200 quid to a bureau with an A0 scanner to get that. They ripped me off because they assumed anybody scanning maps is ripping them off. I scanned it for use under Oziexplorer. The Ozi version I have has the margins trimmed off so I can’t see the edition.

So these maps may still be valuable but they appear to be scans of ones which are not the latest that came out. Probably for land, airports and VORs that doesn’t matter.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, look at the TPCs for somewhat newer editions. By the way, I think the Greek Helicopters’ chart is made from a TPC, not an ONC.

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LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

By the way, I have a CD image with some TPCs and ONCs in the original CADRG format, and the files on it are dated 1995 (not sure about the actual editions). Unfortunately, it’s not the whole world but only UK, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Spain, Portugal, a piece of Canada, a small piece of France, West Africa, and the Atlantic. If anyone wants them, drop me a line.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic
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