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Exchange Autopilot options for a TB20

I’ve question to the experts,
I’d like to get an autopilot like KFC 225 with Vertical Speed operating.
My present equipment is KC191, GNS 550, Sandel 3308 without
VS- operating mode.
Is it possible to exchange the AP?
Is there a better way to get VS-mode?
How much is it for a TB 20? Is it worth to do it?
Can I take a used item ?
Thanks in advance , Thomas

Berlin, Germany


what is the AP you have? KAP150?

if I am not mistaken they do have VS but you would need the alt preselector KAS297B. Probably a sight cheaper than to change the AP.

LSZH, Switzerland

Looks like a KAP 150 to me. As Mooney_Driver said KAS297B and KEA130A Altimeter would be the way to go.
As there is an increasingly number of people installing G5s these days you might be able to get these relatively cheap
on the used market.

@Sir_Percy: What would be the market price for used KAS297B and KEA130A? As Thomas lists location Berlin, Germany, I suspect we talk about an EASA-registered certified aircraft = needs the appropriate paperworks to be legal. My guess would be around 4+k for sufficiently tagged parts plus installation. Is it worth putting that much money in outdated technology, where modern digital autopilots start under 10k installed? Thomas will tell.

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There are no TB STCs for the current Garmin, STEC or Avidyne autopilots, AFAIK, unless something has changed recently.

The G5 is not of much use, for various reasons which I have not followed in detail. I don’t think @wigglyamp posts here nowadays (on general avionics matters) but he might know the issues from his past job. @garryiae might also know, or @a_and_c who also installs avionics.

The KFC225 is “digital” (in the same slightly dodgy way “digital” is used nowadays, for a system which is of necessity wholly analog, except for the algorithms and the front panel features – like “plug and play” for the intercoms ) but the installation is a few tens of k and the KFC225 servos have their own share of problems, which have no legal solutions.

The last crappy (legal) solution for a TB is an STEC 55X.

You won’t get any certified autopilot installed for 10k

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
You won’t get any certified autopilot installed for 10k

@Peter: You do, my Trio was under 10k installed. The other EASA-reg installations, of Trio and Tru I did consultancy work for, were also under, and, the STCGroup Trio is certified and ready to go for TB9/10/20/21/200. But, if the KAP150 ain’t broken I would always look for small extensions of the installation instead of a complete new effort.

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Not sure if there is more detail involved…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It sounds very interesting. I’ve a KAP 150( KC 191), SN3308 and GNS 530. TB 20 is N-reg.
Is it really possible to install a KAS 297B and to get VS.
That would be the solution! It could be so easy or is there a problem what I have to consider yet?

Thanks so much Thomas

Berlin, Germany

N-registered is really good news! Yes, just put in the KAS, let sign off 337 and you’ll be fine, nothing further to consider AFAIK besides from a possible altimeter change to get everything fully operational.

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@dejvu: There is currently a KAS297B on ebay for 1495$ and a KEA130A for 695$ … so not too bad assuming the units are in good condition …
Installation shouldnt be too difficult. As Peter mentioned there is no real alternative for the TB.
If the STC for the Garmin would be available it would be a more difficult discussion – but that doesn‘t seem to be on the horizon.

@Thomas : You need to have the right altimeter as well – that‘s it. If I remember correctly there was another one beside the KEA130A which will do the job, but don‘t have the name of it on hand.

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