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Exchange Autopilot options for a TB20

Not sure if there is more detail involved…

There was in the beginning, but development with these EAA procedures is surprisingly fast, one of the benefits of progress by software instead of engineering ;-).

It is like christmas,
I’ve an Altimeter from United Instruments PN 5053
with KEA 129.

Berlin, Germany
It is like christmas,
I’ve an Altimeter from United Instruments PN 5053
with KEA 129.

Perfect, congrats!

Here’s a post on Beechtalk from October:


I want to give an update on the AeroCruze autopilot.

The system is made up of 3 major components: KC 230 flight computer, KMC 231 mode controller & annunciator, and the KAP 225 remote mode annunciator. It’s designed to be the most effective upgrade for KFC 150, 200, 250 autopilots by utilizing existing servos, brackets, and the majority of the wiring.

The initial airframes listed below will be available for upgrade starting Q1 of 2019, and new installation will be available about 3 months after.

Beech F33A
Beech A36, A36TC
Mooney M20J, M20K
Mooney M20L
Piper PA-32-301, 301T
Piper PA-32R-301, 301T
Socata TB 10, TB 20

Fly Safe,

Steven Pearce

Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany

I have the KFC150. Considering I could keep the servos this is a viable option. Fully digital AP just like the GFC500 but with much less installation cost.

Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany

new installation will be available about 3 months after

With Honeywell’s record, that would be about 2038

Also, do you want to be testing beta 0.0 version of a product, especially from Honeywell? They have abandoned almost everything they introduced since most of their people left c. 2002.

They never fixed the “smoking” KFC225 servos, 18 years after this problem first became evident.

As one past resident here would say, somebody has to take the risk otherwise there would be no innovation. You just need to bear this in mind

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thomas wrote:

Is it really possible to install a KAS 297B and to get VS.
That would be the solution! It could be so easy or is there a problem what I have to consider yet?

Yes, that is possible very easily, only as others have said you need the matching Altimeter for it as well. But it is by far the best solution for you. The KAP150 is a much more stable AP than anything you can replace it with.

What you might want to look at is to add a GPSS converter to your GNS530 and the HDG mode of the King AP.

Talk to a good avionic shop, they should be able to tell you as well if there is another altimeter which will do and if you possibly have it already…

LSZH, Switzerland

I will remove my GPSS converter next week – just PM me if you are interested..

Last Edited by Sir_Percy at 24 Dec 08:17

I must confess, I had problems with the display of my transponder 2 years ago. The reason was the altimeter coding. The transponder has permanentely failed above
4000 feet. Repairing of this altimeter is extremely expensive. And finally, I decided to connect an ACK 30 between
Transponder and altitude indicator. It was very easy, but I hope there isn’t just a new problem.
Regardless of that, now I’m look for a KAS 297B used in very well condition. Perhaps there is someone who had replaced
a KAS 297B PN 065-00065-001.

Thanks for all the good ideas

Berlin, Germany

The STC Group lists the Socata TB under Kit #13.

Apparently the STC doesn’t actually exist yet.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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