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I saw some Garmin GNS 430 and 530 WAAS used for sale at a good price.

Is it legal to mount then on a certified aircraft?

LPSR, Portugal

Of course. It’s just that some paperwork needs to be generated for it, which may or may not cost you some extra money.

But beware of scams out there. If it sounds too cheap, then there probably is a reason. As a ballpark number, 430Ws tend to sell for 4000, 430Ws for 6000.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Always let the shop do the install and legal sign off. Yes, you can. That is what these devices are meant for. If you purchase, make sure to check with the shop which papers are required – no use in a good initial deal and spending a fortune to get it legal.

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For an install of a used GPS on an EASA-reg plane, you need an EASA-1 form with the unit. For an install of a new GPS, you can use an FAA 8130-3 or the EASA-1.

There is also the not so trivial matter of getting LPV to function, especially with an autopilot. Many people have found problems with this, due to poor installations.

You also need to get the correct AFMS (POH supplement) to make the installation legal, although these appear to be missing more often than not

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It is probably much easier to send my non WAAS to be refitted.

LPSR, Portugal

It is probably much easier to send my non WAAS to be refitted.

There is your answer.
And you will need to make sure you have the required GPS antenna and RG400 coax cable or better installed. Otherwise you cannot claim to be WAAS/EGNOS equipped.

The GNS430/530 WAAS upgrade is pretty expensive.
I would go a couple of rounds with yourself if buying a GTN650 is a better option. However it requires some more installation changes.

Don’t forget to add the FlightStream whatever you choose to do. (Works only with GNS WAAS or GTN)


A GNS 530 upgrade to WAAS by Garmin coast less than 4500€ installed including a new antenna, it seems less than a brand new GTN 750.
However, in addition to touchscreen ability the GTN offers the concierge function with Flight Stream 510, allowing the database update via iPad, this functionality in not available on Flight Stream 210 for GNS.
It depends on what you are looking for…
I think WAAS update is a pragmatic option, and was my choice

LFRN, France

I replaced my GNS-430W with an IFD-440. Did the replacement myself and my A&P updated the paperwork. It took an hour! Total cost to upgrade was $2,500 after selling the 430W. So far, the 440 seems like a good unit.

You could do the same upgrade easily from a 430, with just a little extra work if the antenna/cable need replacing.

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Kent, UK

WAAS Upgrade
they upgrade your own device, best thing to do.

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Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany
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