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Used suction instruments market?

Hi, I was wondering where all the old used still working mechanical gyros – AI and DG – go?
Garmin tells 8 weeks for delivery of G5s, so there must be a pile of old instruments in the shops.
Anybody with a spare Sigmatek-5000B maybe, I could use one for bridging the next weeks.

Last Edited by Markuus at 15 Apr 15:42

There are two in my shed for a start! With all of the G5’s being fitted I can’t see they can have much value

United Kingdom

There’s one and only one place these things should go – scrap metal dealer. The sooner we get rid of these things for good, the better it is.

Aircraft Spruce in the US has G5s on the shelf, as do I’m sure a lot of other suppliers.

There will be plenty of nearly free cores to keep me going for probably the rest of my life I rarely look at the AI and the DG is unnecessary for most of my flying, so for me its mainly just a matter of keeping them working well on general principle, versus by necessity.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 15 Apr 17:14
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