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Equipment Lists for N-Registered Aircraft

I’m at the paperwork stage of our Cessna project, hoping to fly properly at the end of August. I’m getting bogged down with the Equipment list.

- Cessna produced an equipment list when the A/C was built and I have a copy of this
- The original POH has like all Cessna’s a listing of all possible equipment on this model aircraft. It is not specific to a SN.

Is there a requirement in the FAR’s to keep the original equipment list current and up to date? I know the ARROW acronym refers to an equipment list. If so has anyone a template one that they made up?

U206F, J3 Sea, PA32R & others

Are you referring to a MEL, i.e. a Minimum Equipment List? If so, the AR(R)OW has nothing to do with it. It stands for:
*A*irworthiness Certificate
*R*adio license (only applicable outside the US)
*O*wners Manual, a.k.a. POH
*W*eight & Balance

WilliamF wrote:

Is there a requirement in the FAR’s to keep the original equipment list current and up to date?

No, I don’t believe so. There are requirements to update the Weight & Balance Report whenever any change is made that affects weight by more (IIRC) one pound, but where the data comes from is not regulated – you can weigh the parts at the time of the change. You will not find many N-registered light aircraft that have current updated equipment lists, the W&B requirement is covered by a current W&B report.

I have seen this concluded otherwise but I think that comes from an overly rigorous interpretation of the W&B requirement. A Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is a different thing with a different intent that does not regardless apply to light aircraft on N-register.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 11 Aug 21:45

I understand now. I’ll leave the Cessna original equipment list in the POH in that chapter. If there is no need to update it, I’m not making work for myself. I’ve done up a new W&B so that’s that ticked off.

The Minimum Equipment List is something I don’t need to worry about either. Original Cessna docs were worth having for the $95 Textron fee. Interesting to note the corrosion proofing added 18lbs of weight to the aircraft back in the day!

U206F, J3 Sea, PA32R & others
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