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Propeller splattered in grease

After a flight, my propeller always has splatters on the blades. First I thought it is caused by the seal of the blades, but finally I found out, it’ll be caused by the grease nipples under the spinner. Provisionally I had covered the nipples, and I could see, everything was fine.
If someone else has the same or a similar problem it would be nice to hear about it.

Berlin, Germany

How come there are no (red) covers on these nipples? (don’t want to sound puritain :))

Also, did the last person who greased your prop remove one nipple from each pair before pushing the grease in?

Last Edited by wleferrand at 09 Sep 18:58 might be all you need? My props definitely have these covers on.

I have plastic caps on, too.

What i also had before, was a piece of seal in one of the nipples and the fresh grease after a 100hr visit ended up more or less spread out on cowling and screen.

After an urgent landing, we removed a piece of white plastic tape from the nipple, refilled and it worked fine since…

EDM_, Germany

Before, the nipples were also covered with the red caps, but as I said, that grease got through anyway.
It is hard to imagine for me that all 4 nipples should not be seal.
But nevertheless I will change the nipples.

Berlin, Germany
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