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uAvionix purchase of AeroVonics

uAvionix has updated their web site to include their new AeroVonics products, including a page explaining their reasoning for the purchase (after all, their primary market is unmanned aircraft):
Why Did We Do It? local copy

Given their history getting FAA approval for their ADS-B products, this should be a real boost to AeroVonics. These are really cool devices and perfect for older and smaller SEP owners that can’t or won’t try to justify spending the $10-$20k+ for the new Garmin and Dynon glass panel stuff, even the popular G5.

Last Edited by chflyer at 29 Oct 08:01
LSZK, Switzerland

I’d be looking at uAvionix’s history of getting certification for some moderately complex products. Currently they are doing basically standalone stuff with minimally challenging interconnections. Their AV30 is interesting.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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