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New integrated AI instrument from uAvionics - AV30

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This is great news. How long does it take and what would be involved before one could be fitted to an EASA aircraft?

I may well be missing something but looking at the Installation Manual I see this

so for an aircraft with a mandatory AI (which will be practically everything IFR certified) all you are really getting is a solid state AI. The other features shown in the promos must be disabled.

You can buy a vacuum or electric AI for a lot less from various sources, including US Ebay And that should go straight in, whereas with this one you have a day or two’s work, with wiring and t-plumbing into the pitot/static pipes.

For a backup AI, yes, it looks great.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I understand this differently. For me, it just means you cannot switch it in flight to HSI. But you’ll get the display attitude, slip, IAS, altitude, heading, etc. This picture is the one shown for “Primary attitude” on the website.

To me, it just means you cannot get those screens:

But you can add all extra information that can be displayed on the AI screen on it.

Last Edited by lionel at 01 Sep 15:49

Look at page 18 of the installation manual. It lists all the things that are available in AI mode.


According to the answered question on Spruce, the AV-30 does not offer vertical guidance in any case.
Strange. Otherwise, it looks very interesting.


The AV30 / AV-30 is now EASA STCd

Not sure what functionality the STC covers.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Not sure what functionality the STC covers.

The EASA STC only has one restriction which is in addition to the restrictions on the FAA STC: “Connection to the Audio interface is not allowed for IFR approved non-metallic aircraft due to indirect lightning protection limitations.”

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Possibly moronic question ahead. We have a VFR plane with a standard analog sixpack where the TC is INOP. (As in the ball works but the plane flies straight ahead all the time.) Would exchanging the TC with an AV-30 in AI-mode make sense? Or would that be silly and rearranging the panel in some way would be better? We’d probably want to optimize for “no surprises” rather than “lots of fancy features”, and there’s (currently) no navigators or autopilot or other fancy stuff to hook it up to.


Fit a G5 (or a GI275) in place of your AI.

Remove your broken TC, replace it with the AI you just removed.

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