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B&C or Sky-Tec Starter Motor

Does anybody have any thooughts about which is the better? or is there nay difference at all?

I had a lightweight sky-tech that failed on me, it always struggled a bit on the compression stroke, occasionally needing a bump to get it over. I went for the hartzell starter which turns the motor over slower but doesn’t noticeably slow down for compression. I’m pleased with it so far.

During an engine o/h I replaced the old Prestolite to the B&C, never had an issue with it. It did spin the engine very fast something that helped during hot starts (Lyco IO540). The reason for choosing B&C over Skytech was that at the time Skytech suffered relatively high failure rate due to, if I recall correctly, a plastic gear, also, the B&C was recommended by other owners.

Ben wrote:

During an engine o/h I replaced the old Prestolite to the B&C

did B&C have any real weight savings?
I am very happy with my Prestolite. Other than occassional ACF50 boost on the bendix drive, it never sipped a beat.
If it fails one day, I will consider B&C


I have the sky tec 149NL. Working fine for 10 years and the extra speed is great for hot starts.

With any starter change, check the relay ratings.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have no issues with both of these starters so can’t make a recommendation one way or the other.

Starting problems are not usually a starter problem and start further up the line usually with corroded starter cables or poor batteries.

The best thing I ever did for saving batteries and starters was to fit all of my training fleet with Slickstart units, this move alone must have saved me thousands of pounds in starter parts, batteries and Labour.

By9468840 wrote:

did B&C have any real weight savings?

Can’t remember how many kg, all you have to do is to pick one at a time to notice. I think 2-3kg.

For some reason I’ve never come across a B&C starter. On a quick look they look very similar to the Skytec ones.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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