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GTN650Xi and GTN750Xi now EASA approved

Just been announced that the new GTN650Xi/750Xi now has EASA STC approval.

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF

Do you know what functional difference there are between a GTNx50 and a GTNx50Xi? The only difference pointed out on the Garmin website is that the units start faster.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Better screen resolution, faster processor, more memory – usual stuff for new generation of any computer

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Emir wrote:

Better screen resolution, faster processor, more memory – usual stuff for new generation of any computer

No doubt, but no additional functionality?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

No doubt, but no additional functionality?

I don’t know, maybe some go around, holding pattern flying – automatic sequencing of these procedures… I’m not familiar with GTN but I know that a lot of newer software stuff is missing in my G1000 (I think the latest software upgrade was available in 2014) that exist in G1000 NXi, so I guess it’s built in new GTN devices.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I suspect that, like the TXI range, there are very few installs in Europe, hence the lack of feedback.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I checked quite carefully if an update from my existing „Non-Xi“ 650/750 makes sense. Answer was a clear no!

At least today – doesn‘t mean that this won‘t ever change in the future – there is absolutely no functional difference. While a G500TXI is a completely different thing than a G500, the difference between GTN-Xi and GTN is pure cosmetics (yes, the screen looks a bit nicer but who cares…).

„People who are typically well informed“ told me, that the whole reason for this „update“ was that Garmin had some challenges in sourcing some of the GTN parts (as the computer industry is not really good at supplying 5 year old processors…) and therefore had to change some specs for purely technical reasons – and instead of doing that silently marketing department decided to use that for a big campaign…


It’s possible the features will diverge at some point in the future though.

For the time being, the only attractive things are the much faster start up time (almost instantaneous if you believe the iPad trainer) and screen definition. The main reason to upgrade quickly is to do so while the old version holds its value; that’s not completely stupid.


I guess it is more a matter of obsolescence of the old units than new functions needing more CPU.
I am not saying it is the case for the whole Garmin portfolio.

From this month’s article in Aviation & Pilote:
Faster dual-core processors (faster zooming/panning, almost no waiting time at boot up)
Higher screen resolution
RF legs
Overlay georef’ed Garmin or Jeppesen plates on the map
Telligence vocal commands
Programming altitudes at all points in the FPL (VNAV), that a GFC5/600 will automatically follow (don’t know about other A/P)
Visual approaches with guidance away from known obstacles
Pin compatible with non-Xi GTN’s

ESMK, Sweden
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