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Robin HR200 Oil Filter

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Hello all,

Our Flying Club located in Germany operates a Robin HR 200/120B powered by an Lycoming O235. We are very happy with this plane, it’s built in 1994 but in like new condition. But there is actually one point in the maintenance which is not so easy as on our other aircrafts. Due to the fact that it hasn’t installed a spin on oil filter we have to do an oil change and check of the oil screen every 25hrs. We really want to change this, but it is not so easy, because the holder of the TCDS is not more Robin in France it’s now Alpha Aviation in New Zealand. I have contact the, about this problem, but they are not very helpful. They have sended me some drawings and Parts List, but they cannot help me really with more Informations. There was a Factory Option by Robin with installation of a spin on oil filter below the oil cooler, which located on the left part of the firewall. It requires several Fittings/Brackets/etc. Seems to be very expensive to modify it now.
The Lycoming produced Adapter isn’t possible to install because of insufficient space between firewall and engine.
On our Robin DR400 we have installed the BC700 Adapter which works great there. The FAA STC for this is validated by FOCA(Swiss CAA) into the EASA as grandfathered STC. To add the HR 200 to this STC, which also has O235 options, shouldn’t be possible due to missing FAA TCDS of the HR200.

Is there anyone here in this forum who operates a HR200 with spin-on oil filter other than the factory solution and can provide me with more Information about this modification? If someone has the factory solution! Can you provide me with some pictures?

Maybe someone Has also an other Idea how to get this problem solved in a legal way.

Best regards,



I consider an oil filter more or less essential. I would get or make the parts so that it complied with whatever Robin did at the factory for this option. Or copy another reputable STC.

If paperwork is preventing you from doing the right thing, I think this fits into the category of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

Sans aircraft at the moment :-(, United Kingdom

A spin-on would absolutely be better. You should also read this:

Changing oil every 25 hours is not really a bad thing, might extend your engine life time. I understand it gives you a bit more work though. But you don’t need a maintenance shop to do it for you since it is on the list of pilot owner maintenance.

If a spin on filter does not fit where the current screen is, I would not bother with it.

Sweden, Sweden

@Guillaume may know about this. France has a large Robin fleet.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Unfortunately no.
I’m only doing the maintenance on a Mooney.
Doing this modification legally won’t be easy…

Last Edited by Guillaume at 14 Apr 09:07

I have the B & C filter on my Robin DR400-180 and if memory serves me correctly this was done on a U.K. CAA minor modification.

I will have a look at the paperwork to see if the scope of this Minor modification covered other Robin types, if so you use it under the grandfather legislation.

All the UK mods listed in their AAN database were supposedly grandfathered to all of EASA in 2003.

It is not easy to search because the keywords were whatever people typed in, spelling mistakes and all. You have to search for various different wordings of the same thing – a bit like when looking for something on Ebay

If you type in Robin for the aircraft type you get loads of hits. Robins have always been problematic for mods, with this being perhaps the ultimate example.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The Continental O200 takes the cartridge filter mod on an optional oil cooler point. The mesh filter has to be removed from the housing, as it could clog up, and isn’t looked at again.
Look at Aircraft Spruce, or the Tempest site for Lycoming fits.

EGPE, United Kingdom

The B & C oil filter is approved for the wide range of engines listed in UK AAN 28016 ( iss2. ) .

This is based on the american engine STC and is not airframe specific so can be used on any of the comprehensive list of engines.

Peter has kindly provided a link to the UK CAA AAN database above.

@florian may be interested…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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