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Avionics work during the virus shutdown

Has anyone been getting anything done.

It seems an idea opportunity because

  • “maintenance” flights have been allowed more or less everywhere
  • avionics installers usually work alone on a plane
  • the customer is not usually around at all during the job (actually that’s a BAD idea, but that’s how it usually works out, due to distance)
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The whole Corona-business-shutdown has created a massive delay in planned avionics work (and regular maintenance too). No idea when my number is up, but knowing my luck it’ll be somewhere during the summer season.

EBST, Belgium

Nothing lately because of other engagements, but coming up shortly: upgrading a radio on a customer’s Zlin 43 to a 8.33 one, doing a few upgrades on my own plane, a couple of annual ramp tests. Plus whatever else comes up.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Did minor things, but many of those, like:

- 50 hours check
- extra lubrication
- trying to get back the disappeared wx500 indication on the IFDs and on Aspen. Ghrrrrrrr.
- weighing the TB
- adjusting aileron and flap alignment
- being happy about receiving expensive bolts and parts from Socata

…and now I try to find a plexiglass shop to remake the RH wingtip lens. I got the form somebody here. The factory new is 794 tiny USD.

Zsolt Szüle
LHTL, Hungary

We also use the Covid-downtime for time-consuming tasks such as sending in a Rotax gearbox for the 1000h-check of the friction Clutch, and actually some avionics work on our Arrow I, which is getting a pair of Garmin G5s at the moment.
And while we were at it, we decided to to other bits that aren’t exactly avionics, but easy to work on now that the panel is open and empty.

EDXN, ETMN, Germany

What virus shutdown?


Zsoszu wrote:

now I try to find a plexiglass shop to remake the RH wingtip lens. I got the form somebody here. The factory new is 794 tiny USD

There are people in the US who will do that, even if you had to go to e.g. a motorcycle windscreen place like Gustafsson Plastics in Florida, but transatlantic shipment and payment can be an issue. I did the same in reverse, buying wingtip lenses in Europe for my plane not long ago. 85 Euro each for OEM parts, new old stock parts last made in 1972 and probably overproduced at that time. There are some advantages to obsolescence

Mine need trimming to fit the aperture and drilling minus cracks. I’ve yet to tackle it and they are stored with the rest of the stuff that will be replaced when my plane gets repainted some day.

Wing tip lenses TB20:
Planeparts Inc. Offers them on Ebay for half the factory price.
Or you may be able to bake them from polycarbonate, if you can still make an inner mold…

EDM_, Germany

Are these the “very late GT” lenses for the forward facing lights, described here?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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