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GNS 530 sidetone

GNS 530 only,
I wanted to adjust the sidetone but it was not possible to store it.
5.1 GNS 530 setup menu
5.2.9 Com setup page (GNS 530 only)
I’m able to adjust all the numbers on the page, and I try to store by pressing the ENTER KEY,
but the change can not be stored. Is there anyone who could help me.

Berlin, Germany

I believe you need to turn on the cursor and move it to the Store Calibrate? and then use enter. Then power off the unit, power back on in configuration mode and validate it was stored.

KUZA, United States

I can move the cursor and enter key, but where the function to store?

Berlin, Germany

I suppose there is a malfunction. Entering of the setup menu (GNS 530) is very easy. Press and hold the ENT key and turn the unit on.
Then with the right knob go through the pages. Store by ENT key. Perhaps someone can try it.

Last Edited by Thomas at 02 Aug 06:32
Berlin, Germany

For all who are interested, store is only possible with the proper frequency.
eg. 118,00

Berlin, Germany
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