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Bendix King KT74 Installation manual, and is Trig TT31 any different?

Peter wrote:

one can’t quite assume the I/O on the back will be the same

No, but looking at the IM’s for the two units it does look identical – except for how the RS232 #1 in/out is labeled in the King IM.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Reactivating this thread

1. I bought my aircraft complete with a Trig TT31 (with the awful Twist and push interface)
2. I added ADSB out with a certified Trig TN72 – installed by an avionics workshop – all worked fine for 3+ years
3. Trig keep promising a new model Transponder with push buttons instead of the twisty turney knob. It’s a “secret” project which gets delayed
4. After waiting for Trig for 2-3 years to produce this promised vapourware, 2 weeks ago, I purchased a King KT74 (made by Trig with a better GUI – buttons! – but a worse display!)

I slid it into the tray fine. It all works except it is not picking up the GPS data.

All of the baud settings etc seem correct but my King KT74 doesn’t see to work with the Trig position source in spite of my avionics retailer promising it was “pin for pin” identical

There is plenty of info on the Trig TT31. I am struggling to find the King installation manual with the pins on the sockets

Any help welcome!

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United Kingdom

Check your email

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:


Btw. Someone have maybe this latest software fro KT74?

EDLB, Germany
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