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Help in Prague / Praha

Hello Czech members

Once this crazy sanitary situation is behind us, (summer 2021?)
I plan to start a crazy project in the Prag area which is comprised of the following tasks.

Disassemble and preserve an airframe including hydraulics etc…
Take apart an engine, conserve and label the parts
Take out avionics, conserve and label parts

I am looking to put together a team of maybe 5 people.

This could be a great summer job for younger aviation enthusiasts and just about anyone who is interested in getting their hands on aircraft work.
We will also need a qualified aircraft mechanic and (ideally) avionics person to oversee and guide us.
I have not thought about remuneration yet, but in principle this will be available, certainly to the pros mentioned above.

Let me know if you can think of a nephew, niece, neighbour or self who’d enjoy this 😊

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Which airframe are you going to disassemble?

LKHK, Czech Republic
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