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Interface options (flight plan loading, etc) for panel mount avionics

Well @arj1 what do you need to enter manually, when you transfer the flightplan wireless from your tablet? I agree that when you have to type in the whole flightplan, this is a cumbersome activity and I would like to have a proper keyboard.
But for some directs and the selection of the SID or approach?


I think that Garmin deficiency (lack of external keyboard for GTN 650/750) is still there…
While you can have it for Gx000, you can’t have it for G5/600TXi or GTNs.

The iPad makes a pretty good keyboard, plus it’s capable of a lot more.

All in all we have two fantastic options for radio/navigator/FMS.


The IFD550 might be happier speaking ForeFlight? There seem to be a lot of rave reviews for the IFD550 stateside.

Good that we don’t have a Garmin monopoly.

Oxford (EGTK)

Skydemon also exports to Garmin Pilot so allowing flightplan transfer to a GTN.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

New thread created from previous posts

Can anyone summarise the external data loading etc options for Avidyne and Garmin panel mount avionics? This is both wireless flight plan loading and using a tablet for interfacing with the box during flight. It’s a very confusing area, with some products containing a little AHRS and supporting the display of pitch and roll on the tablet (which is not relevant to data loading, presumably).

There is also Voiceflight control for Garmin and Telligence voice control from Garmin itself.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Garmin uses a BT interface via a FS210 or FS510 for flight plan transfer to/from the panel. Avidyne uses a wfi interface to accomplish the same thing. The details of the Garmin interface are proprietary. I don’t know if the Avidyne interface is proprietary or not. With procedures such as approaches and SID/STAR, small differences in the database provider can make transfer of these procedures fail due to the difference. An example is one database supplier requires a runway designation in a SID that serves multiple runways with the same route and another does not require the runway, so the transfer may fail.

KUZA, United States

With a flight stream 510 in a GTN, you can upload and download flight plans from Foreflight and Garmin Pilot (the latter also allows uploading databases, which is great).

My workflow is plan in Autorouter, export the plan from Autorouter to Garmin Pilot (four clicks), then before taxi upload from Garmin Pilot to the GTN (4 clicks), which also cross fills my second iPad automatically.

During flight I prefer manipulating the flight plan on the GTN, which cross fills to the iPads (Garmin Pilot and ADL Connect).


I’ve a FS210 and a 430W.

My workflow is a little convoluted because skydemon will only transfer to garmin pilot on idevices.

I usually flight plan on skydemon on the desktop. Save to cloud. Load route on ipad and android phone. Transfer from skydemon to garmin pilot. Then garmin pilot to the 430W.

In Flight I make any changes on the 430. (Unless I’m changing my mind and route completely, then it’s probably easier to do it in skydemon on the ipad then transfer across. Especially with custom waypoints)

My understanding – not having any of this stuff currently – is this

  • Garmin Pilot can talk to Garmin avionics, for FP transfer, and database updating
  • Foreflight can talk to Garmin and Avidyne avionics, for FP transfer
  • Avidyne have an app which remotely controls their entire navigator box

Both GP and FF apps offer autorouting, which is the basic requirement.

The stuff where you buy the AHRS add-on thingy seems largely a toy.

If EasyVFR or Skydemon can upload flight plans (would have to be VFR ones since that’s all they do) that is sort of useful, although in most VFR scenarios they will be a long list of lat/long coordinates. How will the waypoint names be displayed on the navigator? Obviously displaying the lat/long will be useless.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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