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MEGGITT MAGIC EHSI - change range in ARC screen format ?

Hi PA46 TP500 pilots.

Do you know how to setup the range of the EHSI in ARC mode ? I didn’t find anything in the Meridian’s POH nore in the menu. Any idea ?



On a G1000, on the PFD :
PFD button / HSI FMT / ARC HSI

Thanks, but thant’s not the right instrument. i talk about the “old school” MEGGIT MAGIC

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Is it just the UP-DOWN arrows on the right side of the bezel?

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no, it isn’t. The up/down permit to select between the 3 different modes, which are HSI, ARC, MAP


I have the information about the MEGGITT in the Meridian’s POH, but maybe there’s another POH, more specific to the avionics themselves ?

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