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KN62A go off (or hanging) after getting warm..

Hello. I have this problem second time. KN62A was working previously good (connected to GNS430 and gtx330) but after upgrade to GTN750Xi and GTX330ES unit shut down after ~15min of flight. Looks that after its warming up. Restart help but not for long. If I will let it cool down will work longer.

All functions are working good (incl display), on ramp test is 100% ok.

EDLB, Germany

One of my friends said that problem will dissapear when I will but suppresion line (between kn and gtx330) but I don’t want to do that as it can make mess between xpdr and dme..

EDLB, Germany

You should not connect the suppression line between a Garmin GTX330 and a KN62 DME. This from the install manual:

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

Ok, I was suggested kn manual more

On older gtx manual was standing only that this line should be connected to other xpdr or dme, without restrictions… world is changing every day ;)

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EDLB, Germany
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