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Oil testing kits - bulk purchase

I have had a quote for 100 of the kits at $1375.00 total, plus $384.56 shipping.

With say 5% import duty and 20% VAT the total would come at $22.18 each, landed in the UK.

Yes the freight charge is outrageous but they weigh next to nothing and one gets hit on the volumetric charge.

I could then pack them into packs of say 10 and send them off, so there would be a postage charge on that, but not much.

How many would be interested in buying 10 kits?

These are prepaid and you just airmail them to Avlab in the USA. There is nothing more to pay to Avlab. The result appears on their website. You do have to pay for the airmail, which comes to about GBP 3 from the UK.

About 10 years ago a UK firm was selling these for GBP 6.50 each, but clearly times have moved on....

Feel free to post here, or to email me directly. My email is in my profile. If I can get enough definite interest I will order the 100 kits.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Sounds like a lot of effort (and risk) for not much saving.

I buy these kits for less than €15 a piece. The company is reliable and quick. You get a PDF via email within 24h which lists all past results. Kit works exactly the same way as yours.

S&H to the UK is € 6.90 or € 23 for a larger package with insurance and tracking.

OK, so my $22+ kits would cost similarly to yours and probably less when postage is included. I would be mailing my bundles of say 10 out of the UK.

So anyway if anybody is interested, do drop me an email. My email address is in my profile. also offers an alternative approach which is to just fill up your own sample bottle, fill in a form they have, including credit card details, and send this to the USA. They charge $25 for each such "non prepaid" sample they receive. It's a simple way to do it, with no obligation.

But anyone doing oil analysis should stick to the same company, for consistency.

Also it's worth getting an oil filter cutter tool - unless you can give your oil filter to a maintenance company who can be definitely relied on to do it.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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