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Audio Panels are not the Rodney Dangerfield of the avionics stack any longer

OK, not only did I just date myself (half of you probably don’t know who Rodney was, he just didn’t get any respect) but I wanted everyone to know that I am available to questions about your intercoms or audio panels. Since 1985, we’ve been single-minded about audio control. And while we are widely known here in the US, not so much in Europe. So I thought I’d drop in and make myself available in the event that I might be of any help whatsoever.

Thank you.

Mark Scheuer
Founder and CEO
PS Engineering, Inc.

Audio Panels

Last Edited by Mark at 06 Apr 18:16
PS Engineering, Inc.
KTYS Knoxville, TN

“It’s not easy being me.. "

Rodney Dangerfield? Oh yea. Triple Lindy any day if you would please!

LSZH, Switzerland

Hi Mark! Welcome in here. We like OEM’s being around and this forum’s rules are quite relaxed in that you are allowed to tell us about your commercial products as long as they are of genuine interest to the community.

Our 210 came with an older style PMA8000 without Bluetooth and it has been working perfectly for the past four years. Would like to upgrade to a modern one with BT and flightmate capability one day .

LESB, Spain

Thanks for being our customer Antonio and your warm welcome. A company called Avionics Source will give you a very fair trade-in for your PMA8000B towards the PMA450B.

The most affordable upgrade path to our premier audio panel available!

Thanks for your welcoming


PS Engineering, Inc.
KTYS Knoxville, TN

Thx Mark!

LESB, Spain

The MAP for the PMA450B is $2295, $2095 without the marker beacon receiver.

So I see that with a trade-in the price is $1795

While that is a good trade-in value for the PMA8000B, that still may be more than you want to spend.

Might I suggest you look at the PMA8000BT which has a MAP of $1495 with the marker and $1295 without the marker.

Then there is the PMA8000G but Avionics Source does not give you a trade-in value for your audio panel for the PMA8000G, so I think that is even more expensive at $1895 or $1695 without the marker

Hope this helps.


PS Engineering, Inc.
KTYS Knoxville, TN

Avionics Source is in the US.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Please make a slide in replacement for the KMA20..That is all!

EIMH, Ireland

Back in the mid 90’s I fitted a PS engineering intercom to my aircraft, the performance was better than any other product on the market, this got upgraded with control boxes fitted for the rear seat passengers a little later.

Since then when ever a company directors aircraft has had an avionic audio upgrade we have always used a PS engineering product because they always seem to have a product that fits what have been some unusual requirements and the sound quality is second to none.

We have yet to have one of the PS products fail.

Any plans for a certified intercom with IntelliVox?

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