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GNS530 - where is the System ID?

Can someone tell me what the Garmin System ID is?
Best regards Thomas

Last Edited by Thomas at 07 Jun 17:23
Berlin, Germany

That’s nested somewhere in the software menu.

EBST, Belgium

System ID isn’t used with the GNS equipment. It’s used with GTN and displays to tie the database subscription to the aircraft and not a particular box. System ID is stored in the configuration module of a unit and is located in one of the harness connectors.

Avionics geek.
Somewhere remote in Devon, UK.

For a registration and Update Jeppesen need my ID.
I never have need a ID for Updates with JDM. Unfortunately, a call is not possible due to Corona.

Berlin, Germany

I actually think you are wrong there. System-ID is used with GTN boxes, not GNS. I update GNS boxes, without any problems.

ESOW, Sweden

They may just be asking for your serial number, which in the picture is 46000007.

KUZA, United States
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