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TB Owners Question - Cab Air Fan / Blower

We currently have the entire panel out for an avionics refresh. Something that has puzzled…

On the circuit breaker panel we have a fan symbol and a switch which would suggest there is/was a cabin air fan/blower. However this has never done anything and indeed the people fitting the avionics can’t find one.

I understand this part probably wouldn’t have lasted 40 years, but it would have been curious if the panel had been removed to get it out and a replacement wasn’t put in given it is one of the cheaper parts to obtain.

Does anyone know if all TB10’s should have one? Was it an option part? Is it even efficient/good enough to warrant putting one back in?


EGBP, United Kingdom

There is a blower located in the back of a TB, just behind the bulkhead which forms the back of the luggage compartment.

It is possible that somebody removed it but I can’t see why anyone would do that. It is at the top so doesn’t get in the way.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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