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CIES fuel senders on 182T G1000 - Installation, calibration, feedback

Malibuflyer wrote:

additional level of redundancy

Yes, this is supposed to make you aware of any large leaks upstreamof the FF-meter developing in flight. OTOH, this almost drove an otherwise unnecessary and dangerous diversion for me on a transatlantic leg on the 210. Managed to maintain the cool with a lot of mental effort and continued to destination, but that is another story probably elsewhere herein. This also led me to troubleshoot and correct an otherwise quite innocuous fuel selector valve internal leak.

If you have a fuel pressure indication from the flow divider in your mechanical fuel injected lycosaurus then you have a third redundancy too, as that is also quite a direct measure of FF. This once led me to RTB on a post-maintenance checkflight. I diagnosed a fuel injection system leak in flight shortly after take-off (high FF-meter but low divider pressure) and decided not to venture outside the circuit while I had a better look. Eventually was back on the ground shortly thereafter to find a leaking fuel injector fitting that could have caused a bigger problem.

LESB, Spain
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