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Helicopter Headset use in GA Fixed Wing

I bought a 2nd hand Bose X AHX 32-04 Headset off ebay from the USA for use in fixed wing aircraft at my local club. However in my haste to bag the bargain i have since noted its a helicopter headset with a single U174 (US Nato) plug.

If i purchase an adapter, will i have problems with impedance or anything else?

The aircraft used will be C152s, Piper Archers & Warriors.

I used a NATO to GA adapter (neat thing) with a headset my BA (British Airways) friend used on the BAC 1-11. I didn't notice any problems - but it wasn't specifically a helicopter set. The BAC 1-11 had NATO sockets.

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Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

I don't know the direct answer to this Q but AFAIK the entire "connectivity" on a Bose headset is determined by the microphone+cable assembly, which costs in the region of £150, so that should be the worst case.

I would call Headset Services at Shoreham Airport and ask them if an adaptor is sufficient and, if not, if the mike cable change would sort it.

Modern helicopters have similar avionics to planes - one heli down the road from me has a GTN650, etc.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As far as I am told, the only official distinctive feature of helicopter headsets vs. fixed-wing ones is a coiled cable.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic
  1. How did you get on with your helicopter to GA adaptor? Did you find a solution?

Ultranomad 06-Oct-13 05:42 #04
As far as I am told, the only official distinctive feature of helicopter headsets vs. fixed-wing ones is a coiled cable.

Sorry Ultranomad – it is not quite so simple. Helicopter headsets can come with either a high or low impedance microphone, a straight or coiled cable and a US NATO or UK NATO plug

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EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

The nomal problem with Headsets having a NATO plug is that they have a moving coil microphone rather than a DC energised Mic of the Carbon or Electret type used on the dual plug systems. There are many converters around, but the only ones that work are those that contain an amplifier to increase the output of the moving coil mic by a factor of 100 and DC blocking to prevent the moving coil mic having a DC voltage that drives the diaphragm to the end stop. I have a circuit of such a converter if required.

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Suitable headset adapter schematic and article here

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