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"Aircraft" USB power outlet which does 5.25V

Does anybody make such a thing?

I have seen some "TSOd" outlets but they almost certainly do just 5.00V, which is not enough to charge some devices on the market (Lenovo T2 is one I have).

The only other option is to buy a suitable USB socket and make something to go behind it. There is however a suprising lack of DC-DC converters which are either 5V (and adjustable) or 6V (in which case one can make a dropper circuit which doesn't dissipate too much power at 2A).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Perhaps not exactly what you're after, but I have a car charger for the iPad (i.e. to my knowledge 5.25V) that works off the cigarette lighter socket in a car or airplane. There are several of these things out on Amazon, at least in the US (bought mine there - about 10 bucks).

This is the product which a lot of people are talking about

but that's just the connector, and really I would like a double outlet.

Actually I think the Ipad itself is OK because it will charge from 5.00V. It is some other stuff that won't.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is this any good?

Silly money though...

The 5V issue can be mitigated by using chunky high quality USB cables. The issue is often more to do with volt drop than the source voltage being incorrect.

Yes that looks a LOT better. How much is it?

It contains the regulator so won't be cheap.

The Lenovo tablet does actually need 5.25V to draw the full current. And yes one needs a thick cable (non USB - just two thick wires) to charge properly. The Lenovo power unit is 5.49V open circuit which is even worse... I can however charge it fine from this which is 5.25V open circuit.

I think Lenovo have done a mega cheat but it is the only product which does everything else I need.

Also the Ipad needs the specific resistor values across the data pins, whereas Lenovo don't. We have an old thread on all that here somewhere...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

That Trueblue thing looks great, would love to have one of those in my panel (i do have a 12 V outlet and a double USB in the armrest but i might need that one for my Iridium receiver soon ..) But $ 399 ...?

Try this:

We've just received one for our Eurofox panel. They're handmade to order, and the supplier is helpful and knowledgeable.

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

That's an interesting product.

The various options highlight the "fact" that there is no way to have a single USB port for charging both apple and non-apple devices, because apple need the specific resistor values whereas others need something different. It's a right PITA.

If I was installing this in a panel I would have it switch selectable i.e.

  • the apple resistors on the data pins, or

  • the data pins shorted, for Lenovo - or possibly the google/samsung tablets?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks for a good discussion on this topic with some helpful links to useful products. I used to have a problem powering my Samsung 7.7 tablet moving (really like that product) when the crossed out battery symbol came on while using most of my 12/24 volt chargers that I bought/tried from E-bay sellers. In my own search for decent and affordable USB charging solution for our 28 volt Helicopter Cockpit I have come across this product out of Australia (have not found it anywhere else online). It supplies a total of 4 Amp to a dedicated Ipad, Android Tablet and Smart Phone usb outlet. I think realistically you can only use one, maybe two of these outlets at a time.

It costs about 24,-$ Australian and appears to be well built and is a solution for 12-28 Volt Aircraft power range and gives options for the Android and Mac user.

To be honest I still sometimes get the crossed out battery symbol when I plug it in but if I turn the power supply off and on again (after the charge cable is plugged into the tablet) it usually goes away. I assume it has to do with it sensing a lower voltage/poor connection during the plugging in process (as some mentioned before the quality of cable seems to matter).

Here is also a range of options to maybe address the 5.5Volt requirement. I have not tired any of these.

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