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What does a GTN750 do with an expired Jepp chart database?

I understand the 750 can display Jepp airport charts (Jeppview 4 basically) - approach plates, airport charts, etc.

What happens as the database lapses?

I know on some panel mount products, after say 2 months, you cannot see anything at all. The basemap still works but no airport charts can be viewed.

Is there any way to get around this, by setting the date back, or does it always get the date from the GPS?

The subscription for Europe is about €2000 per year

The same question would apply to other "large" MFD products, though I suspect nowadays more people will be fitting a GTN750, than buying a standalone MFD.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

According to the pilot's guide:

When the ChartView EXPIRES date is reached, ChartView becomes inoperative 70 days later ... charts are no longer available for viewing.

On my GTN650, you can set a local timezone, but not the clock. The internal clock seems to be slaved to GPS - I doubt the 750 is any different.

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