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TB20 wingtip lamp (rear, clear lens)

I am trying to get the generic P/N for this 28V lamp

The item is 060 which Socata call

It is a standard WHELEN light unit.

This (A50828) is one candidate but searching around I find reports from people who said it doesn’t fit.

The light unit looks exactly like this and that lists the A508 lamp, but as I say I am not sure.

Last Edited by Peter at 07 Feb 16:47
Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


The A508-28 lamp does fit. Tight but fits. The Whelen lamp fitting is not of the highest quality and water will get in and just eat it from inside, after a while.

£20 plus VAT.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Today i cracked the red lamp globe. (070)
Is it possible to buy only the red glass globe?

LHSA, Hungary

Update :
Whelen W1284R

Last Edited by Zozi at 01 Jul 05:35
LHSA, Hungary
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