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Avionics shop recommendations - Europe (merged)

I do not share the positive experience with Straubing. I don’t mean to share the details here, because it is an open forum. But I’ve not seen the degree of professionalism for handling critical IFR avionics.


There are numerous others e.g. here although the shop does appear to put things right if you come back there. This is fine for locals (who accordingly generally produce very positive reviews) but not so good for someone coming from far away, obviously, because you will discover any issues on the return flight. But this is an old problem with avionics. Never go to a shop which is too far away from where you are based; this disaster would have been easily avoided with a local shop (practically everything which went wrong there was due to the customer being a huge distance away). Always make sure you can do a local “shakedown” flight upon collection.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks for all the feedback. Straubing keeps coming up and incidentally I had a call into them the other day due to another person’s recommendation. However they just got back to me that they’re busy until November.

EHLE, Netherlands

Also heard good things about Straubing, but things can of course happen. A clear signal for me is at least a long waiting list…and they have had it for a while, as far as I know. Good advice to try to stick to a shop close home, if you can.

ESOW, Sweden

Straubing is incredibly popular in Germany. They are the “must go there” shop. And they look after their valued regular clients, with loan units etc. These clients in turn are always posting about this. I have never used them myself but had some comms with them and they were, shall we say, entirely unsatisfactory. When I mentioned this to one local customer I was told it is one particular person there.

Porta Air Service were also mentioned here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Porta Air Service

I’ve used them too. Minor item to be later fixed in warranty but the aircraft in question was based really far away so possibly open until the next time the aircraft is back in shop. They are nonetheless willing to honor the warranty beyond contractual terms to ensure satisfaction.

They have a “new” shop at Friedrichshafen

LESB, Spain

Peter wrote:

Straubing is incredibly popular in Germany.

By the way they just moved into an amazing brand new hangar. If they move all the small planes out a Gulfstream might fit in there. They also have a big new apron in front of the hangar. When I did visit hangar and apron have been well filled.
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