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Avionics Data Cards (merged)

From memory the WAAS are white, the non-WAAS are green?


I think that there is orange as well? I forget, it’s a while since I had GNSs, but I do remember that it was an issue.

EGKB Biggin Hill

Thx – I would be interested, too.
PM ?

EDM_, Germany

Timothy wrote:

It is important to specify the label colour. I can’t exactly remember why, but they are not cross compatible.

Your correct, Green cards are for non WAAS units. WAAS units have either silver or orange. These cards are not always exchangeable, and some require a newer programmer (for the WAAS units). See Garmin Service Advisory 1455 Rev A


Thanks for the reminder Timothy – I need a green one.

EGTT, The London FIR

I have one Silver and one green that I update my 530 W with and they both work?

Rob wrote:

I have one Silver and one green that I update my 530 W with and they both work?

My understanding is that the difference between the cards is their capacity. The nav data for WAAS enabled units take more storage space and hence the card’s capacity needs to be higher. I suppose that the capacity required also depends on the coverage you have subscribed to.


Anybody know where I can still get the old version of the 16MB date cards with the silver label for GNS430W/530W. Or has anybody to sell one or two.


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EDQH, EDDN, Germany

They pop up on Ebay from time to time.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Honeywell experiencing database media shortage

Dear all, maybe a few others like my are vintage HBK users – having a KMD 550/850 or KLN94 – have got this request from Honeywell aswell. They seem to tun out of the PCMCIA, and maybe the CF cards. However, I´ve sent mine accordingly back although from Europe the (small ) return postage was never included….
What are your experiences? Do we have to retire our KMD´s/ KLN´s soon?
Dear Valued Customer,
We are currently experiencing a media shortage and need your help to assist fellow pilots. Please double check and return any extra media you have on hand to:
Honeywell International
NAVDB Group N19C5
21111 N.19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85027

To assist with media shortages, we have implemented a scanning process tied to the subscription for returnable media. This process will be fully implemented within the next couple cycles. Please make sure to return your media once you have updated to the latest database. Failure to return media could result in delay of future shipments or a charge.
We appreciate the help to ensure no interruptions in service for all our Customers.


Database Services Accounts
Phone: 1-602-436-6737 Wingman Option 4
Email: [email protected]

TB20 Airman
EDLB, Germany
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