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ADL / Golze satellite weather system (merged)

Anybody tried the Gotze in-flight wx solution?

Has anyone tried this in-flight wx solution from Golze?


Last Edited by chflyer at 30 Apr 20:51
LSZK, Switzerland

Yes, many. I just got my ADL120 yesterday and plan to install it this weekend. But have a loaner before for testing, worked fine! Nothing beats Sebastian’s solution – the Avidyne solution that does practically the same costs about 8 times as much, plus installation.

Have used it for several years including three Atlantic crossings. Great, sensibly priced and wonderful support. Cannot recommend highly enough.

EGTK Oxford

Yes, I’ve used it all over Europe and even up to the Faeroes in the lowly TB10. It adds hugely to my dispatch confidence.



Highly recommended.

Spending too long online
EGTF Fairoaks, EGLL Heathrow, United Kingdom

works great at an amazing pice

EGBE - Coventry

I’m considering buying it but I have a problem installing it in DA42 – I don’t have the idea where to put it, how to ensure power etc. TBH I haven’t checked the options with Sebastian, maybe he can reply here. I guess Peter will not take it as advertising

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I have been using the ADL120 for about a year.
Sebastian’s product works exactly as advertised and is a reasonably priced solution, especially when compared to the Avidine products.
There are different versions available:
Panel mount, as installed in Chris Parker’s Beechcraft Bonanza, or one can choose to buy a unit without a display and use a WiFi connection and display the data on an Ipad, or Iphone.
Due to my panel being full, I have obted for the later.
A hidden benefit is the abillity to send and receive text messages while enroute. Very nice feature.
Product is great and in my experience Sebastian has been very helpful throughout.

Last Edited by complex-pilot at 01 May 07:18

The WiFi is always available whether you have the display or not. I usually initiate downloads on my iPad then switch back to JeppFD or Skydemon and look at the display for the updated weather.

Spending too long online
EGTF Fairoaks, EGLL Heathrow, United Kingdom
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