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ADL / Golze satellite weather system

Many thanks Sebastian for the very instructive video.

LSZK, Switzerland

As we can not meet at AERO this year I did a list of all the new ADL features and work continues on more new stuff:

1) New battery powered ADL170 and ADL180 devices

A long time since the ADL130 there are new battery powered ADL devices:

If you would like to trade in your current ADL device for an ADL170 or ADL180 please write me for a quote.

2) GDL90 Support for ADL110B, ADL120, ADL130 and Iridium GO

I finally found a solution to add GDL90 support to the legacy devices and the Iridium GO solution. So now all ADL devices ever manufactured can display weather data on GDL90 capable third party apps (ForeFlight, SkyDemon, SkyMap etc.)

3) ADL devices displaying weather data on IFD540/440 and EX5000 devices

The ADL150/190/200 can now display weather and in some cases traffic on the IFD540/440 and EX5000 devices.

Free EASA paperwork for such an installation is available here:

4) AT-1 FLARM Integration

AT-1 FLARM devices can now be wired to ADL150/190/200 devices and the traffic data will be merged with the internal ADS-B sensor data and redistributed to all GDL90 capable apps.
Free EASA paperwork for such an installation is available here:
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