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Kanardia EFIS and others

mh wrote:

You don’t have an AHRS in Skydemon… so your point is a bit off.

Read again.


I think these do offer a viable upgrade.

Lets face it suction driven instruments are good for about 300 hours then your lumped with a 400 quid overhaul bill. The suction pumps are good for say 500 hours and and they will run you for 500 quid to replace.

I would like to think that these replacements are going to be a lot more reliable and and the price they are pitching them at its not going to take that many hours to get your money back. The fact that they offer additional functionality is also a bonus.

Bathman wrote:

The fact that they offer additional functionality is also a bonus.

Is it? I mean it’s nice and cool, but is it actually a bonus? What you really want is a big artificial horizon, a real EFIS, not a tiny little thing with lots of makeup, that you have no real need for.


I don’t think I do.

I just want something that I can drop straight into my six pack. I’m not prepared to spend 1/2 my aircraft value on ripping it all out and then spend months trying to figure out how to use it and in all probably never use the majority of its features.

The Dynon D3 looks very nice as a portable stand by instrument.

I have a D1 which I have tried several times in the Mooney, particularly with regards of a stand by instrument at night should the Aspen pack up. It is very accurate to what I have seen so far, it shows much better than the vacccum ADI which still has to be there and provides a good crosscheck but may be more difficult to read at night. And you can take it from airplane to airplane.

Clearly it is not a legal replacement for a stand by ADI but it does a pretty darn good job without having to worry about STC’s or anything. Oh yea, the battery lasts for a good 4 hours on the D1 and I am sure they got a better one in the D3 now.

Clearly the Garmin G5 and hopefully some competitors will make these things even more affordable.

If the AV30 ever sees the light of day for certified airplanes, it looks like a great way to get rid of vaccum.

Last Edited by Mooney_Driver at 02 Dec 13:46
LSZH, Switzerland

LeSving wrote:

Artificial horizon is nice and useful, but why on earth do you clutter it with all those numbers and letters on it?

Because it is useful when you fly IFR.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

An AHRS is an external module for a tablet app.

The problem is that it isn’t in the field of view…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I thought the autopilot was the magic button for IFR. Besides, it’s not clear to me why cluttering a tiny display with redundant information is a good idea. What are you going to do if the information is different than what your true and trusted main instruments show? Prob99 you will trust your main instruments.

EFIS is EFIS. Small or big it doesn’t matter. IME one of the main advantages is the large artificial horizon. It’s helpful for SA also for VFR. Another advantage is the simplicity of installation and the overall value/cost ratio, but that is hardly a factor for an old certified aircraft.

Anyway, my point was that the de facto standard today for “instruments” (in an extended generalized view) is Skydemon. None of the EFIS’es does anything to augment this, except the AH in a bigger EFIS. These super small ones probably fits a super small niche where cost prevents a proper upgrade.


The reason for standby instruments is if everything turns to s—t e.g. when your single alternator fails and your single battery runs out, and then lots of things go awfully dark, and flying gets awfully harder. Imagine this at night, over mountains…

Even twins (piston) almost never have proper dual systems i.e. two alternators, each driving its own battery, one system driving LH avionics and the other driving RH avionics, two pitot tubes of course, and crossbar switching so one system can power both. That’s what you get in a 737, or the Cessna 400 / TTX.

SD won’t give you this unless you have it clipped up in your primary field of view, and have one of those AHRS boxes (like Ilevil) connected to it, and it is all charged up, etc. You aren’t going to be setting it up when you have lost power, lost the autopilot, etc. Standby instruments need to be panel mounted; anything less is just a toy to sell at Aero Friedrichshafen

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The Dynon d3 is very tempting for me as an upgrade to my D1.

Having had the AH fail on me in IMC (no autopilot) and give false readings, it was not the most pleasant experience. That led me to get the D1 when it came out and I mounted a small ram mount in the just above the panel in the centre. It’s just a little extra comfort and easy to cross check. Skydemon is fantastic on the tablet on my knee but I’ve no panel space to mount such a tablet and I wouldn’t want to use tablet vision based ahrs looking down at my leg all the time. They’re very much a different use for me.

Eventually I may go the dual garmin G5 route and pull the vacuum system and save some weight.

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