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JPI Fuel Scan FS450 on to Continental TSIO360FB

I bought a JPI Fuel Scan for my Continental TSIO360FB engine. However, I'm told that because my engine has the Piper electric primer option, the FS450 can't be fitted. This engine is commonly fitted to Seneca, Turbo Arrow and Mooney 231.

Do any of you have a different experience? Where do I easily find if there is an STC obstacle with this?

Does anybody gives a reason it can't be fitted?

The fuel transducer normally goes between the engine driven fuel pump and the fuel servo. See here for IO540 examples.

To get an STC, which makes the 337-based Major Alteration much simpler, it is possible that you may have to go to Shadin instead of JPI.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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