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Refurbishing airplane in Lithuania - pirep

The plane is in for annual in Parchim so I don't have access to the last weight report. But according to the shop, it should not gain any weight. This is because almost the entire interior is taken out of the plane and replaced with newer (and in many cases lighter) materials.

Walls, carpet, lining etc was changed. If any thing has gained weight, I think it must be the seats which are more stuffed up now than they used to be.

I think I figured out what a "pirep" is too :)

Gloucester UK (EGBJ)

I was about to fly my C172 to Lithuania in November last year but, due to bad weather, snow, bad avionics etc i was unable to do the trip. Re-scheduled to Oct-Nov this year instead. After reading your post I would like to know if you were using the same shop for the exterior work as I'm about to do? Is there a way you can tell me which shops you were using?


Sure, we need to exchange e-mail addresses. I will be happy to give you all the info I have. I also have a friend in Hamburg who was very unhappy with another company which I have the name of.

How is this done without displaying the e-mail addresses to google's search engine?

Great, I have updated my profile with my e-mail address. Just click on the profile name below the avatar.


I'm planning to redo the interior of my airplane and I like what they have done with your Beech.

Which interior shops in Germany did you get quotes from? Do you have some references for good shops in Germany?

I'm just starting to investigate the options so any pointers would be appreciated. Lithuania is not around the corner so it would either have to be significantly cheaper or significantly better in quality to qualify as an option.

Achimha: Have checked my files now and I did not get quotes from any interior companies in Germany, only paint shops. A friend of mine used the same company to do the interior on a C182P. If you want I can send you pictures of the job or upload here.

Hi , the refurb looks fantastic. I am looking at having the interior redone in my Mooney this winter. You mentioned you were particularly happy with the interior shop. Would you mind giving their details?


Beechflyer The inside is a lovely job, the paint looks good but it is only a photo, only a close look will tell and you will know if the job is good or not only in 2 years from now.

To the rest of you who are looking for interior shops there is a good one at Elstree in the UK. They have done partial job (seats only) in my Comanche and did it very well. 2.5 years later I asked them to redo the R/H seat headrest as the stiches came out (rear seats pax. used it for support), they refused payment and said that it is warranty repair. Today they mainly do jets and turboprops.


Hi Ben! nice to hear from you again, glad to hear you are still flying the Comanche from Elstree. I swapped the Robin for an old Mooney. The interior shop at Elstree (Interiair/Air Interiors?) is definitely on my shortlist, having had great feedback from others too. Ken Bones at Gloucester seems to be another favourite. Just getting ballpark estimates for now before having the work done this winter if possible. let's meet up again soon Patrick


Ben, I have gone through the work very carefully and so have others.


the same company did 3 planes in 2006, 2007 and 2008, all of which I am familiar with (I owned one of them until selling it to a flying club). I have seen first hand how the quality of the work has stood up to time and club use (the 3 airplanes were all used by a Norwegian club) not only 2.5 years, but 6 years and prox 1000 hours.

In fact this was why I chose the company to refurbish my airplane. I cannot recommend the paint shop for various reasons (that has nothing to do with the quality of work) but the interior shop I think offers the best deal (quality vs price) in Europe today.

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