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Refurbishing airplane in Lithuania - pirep

Sure, but probably not in the UK where strip & re-spray prices are over the top .


I heard that in Lithuania, it is not expensive. SCNR

[acronym link inserted!]

Rwy20 wrote:

I heard that in Lithuania, it is not expensive.



Any Chance we can find out the name of the company that this paint and refurbishment in Lithuania?? I’m interested to know



The original poster’s email address went duff a long time ago – started bouncing back when we mailed out the various emails about fly-ins. So there is no obvious way to contact him, because if emails don’t work then PMs won’t work either.

However I think there is enough information in this thread to find him, if somebody wanted to do some legwork. For example he was at ENBO and there may be an aeroclub there… the aircraft reg is also in the photos. You would need a native Norwegian speaker. Maybe @LeSving might have ideas?

A google on
aircraft refurbishment lithuania
finds a few firms…

What locating them might achieve, I am not sure. Anybody getting this kind of work done simply must do due diligence. Reports from other customers, fire certificates, etc. It is like buying a plane: you must do a prebuy properly (use an engineer for whom you got good references and not just found him on a forum). And if the people who did that job left that company and started another, they will probably be doing the same work in their new company. People don’t basically change…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
I think the most well known is Termikas – . We had our clubs Wilga completely overhauled by them 4 year ago and happy with it..
EETU, Estonia

@ivark – thanks for the info.


Since this thread has a habit of being revived every few years, I thought it was my turn to add some info.

Searching the German reg showed the SN of the aircraft, and googling that showed that it’s been around with a Russian registration since at least 2016.

So it’s evidently still around and int he same paint job. Perhaps the Russian owner isn’t worried about the apparent paperwork issues :)

Why is that not a surprise?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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