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Some general maintenance tips from Mike Busch

@Michael Thanks, found the articles on Avweb.

EGLM (White Waltham)

I think Mike Busch is really great but one has to appreciate that he is working in the context of the US Part 91 (N-reg) maintenance scene and specifically where the owner gets quite involved, and usually there are multiple options on where to get work done.

Whereas Europe tends to be buried in local airfield politics and often one flies to a maintenance company because the more local ones have done repeated bodges….

Mike Busch runs a company called Savvy Maintenance which offers a consultancy / management service for maintenance. I don’t mean this at all as a criticism because I think he does a great job and is really knowledgeable but his big publicity profile helps to bring him business. Your maintenance company needs to be comfortable with this “remote management” system and not all of them are. But reports from owners who do use him are very good and there are / have been owners posting here who use Savvy to manage UK-based N-regs. I would think he might have more difficulty working with say French or German companies, due to the language issue.

Here in Europe the options are a lot more limited under EASA Part M (a lot of “maintenance management” relates to replacing parts according to condition rather than hard life limits) but anyway even on N-reg most companies are not so keen on owners getting involved so building the right relationship here is a lot harder – regardless of whether you manage it yourself (as e.g. I do) or you use Savvy.

His writing is great for any owner wanting to get himself/herself clued up, but you also need to have the right “scene” in which to do the work.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Granted, but sub-1200kg planes under ELA1 can now be owner-maintained to a degree comparable with the FAA Part91 – see e.g. here.

ELA2 is supposed to make life easier for sub-2000kg planes, Part M light might also bridge the gap somewhat – one can be hopeful based on what ELA1 brought. I agree that both Part-ML and ELA2 are vapourware, but looking at ELA1, they might materialize into something useful.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland

CKN wrote:

Is Busch’s book “Manifesto” (mentioned at the end of the article) worth getting or any other suggestion?

It’s cheap enough, that the convenience factor of having a kindle edition is worth it, versus spending the time to search for the articles on the internet.

Mike Busch mentions somewhere that he has almost 1000 planes in his program. The shear amount of planes in his program gives him an insight view that is hard to match. In combination with the engine data he collects through, he has the largest treasure trove of data available to come to conclusions via statistical analysis. For example, he has the ability to calculate the average and standard deviation CHT for a particular make and model at a given density altitude, power and mixture setting.

Lucius wrote:

For example, he has the ability to calculate the average and standard deviation CHT for a particular make and model at a given density altitude, power and mixture setting.

And what good is that, may I ask ?


Michael wrote:

And what do you consider to be a reasonable price ?

I just read Mike Bushes article in CPA Mag about engine overhaul new, Fact rebuilt, Overhaul to new limits Overhaul to service limits, and finally to IRAN.

My answer to the question of what I think reasonable is, can be answered in what constitutes an OH for my Cont Mags. What does the book say is required to be replaced?

I looked up the parts prices and if a Cam assembly is not required that is a $260 savings. If the coil does not need to be replaced that is a $130 savings if a distributor block is not needed that is a $165 savings. Not sure if the dial switch will be replaced at $25 or the Slinger $37 or the bearing at $40 I am sure you will have new points put in so that is $60, Brush assembly $7 Additional misc screws etc will come to max $50.

According to Cont. Magneto scheduled maintenance intervals are:
100 hour: Mag-to-engine timing & general condition
500 hour:
Cleaning, inspection, re-lubrication
Impulse coupling wear inspection
4 years or Engine TBO, whichever comes first: Overhaul

Looked in aircraft Spruce and they are selling OH mags for $622 with a core exchange.

So is Mike B correct instead of telling them do an OH where certain things are required to be replaced even if within service limits or just tell them to do an IRAN and if outside the limits they will replace it in anycase yet not be on the hook for an OV.

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