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Garmin G5 (merged thread)

Does Chris’s Bonanza have two alternators?

That is deffo a requirement IMHO to remove the vacuum AI. IMHO an IFR plane needs to fly with a lost alternator for its entire fuel tank endurance. You could be above nasty wx for hours…

It is a legal requirement too unless the electric AI has a specified-duration battery backup. Various threads here previous and I have US reg extracts here (under removing the KI256). The problem is that the min legal AI backup battery life is not much at all… if this happens at night or in IMC or above serious wx, you will wish you left in that 350 quid vac pump and some cheap and dirty RC Allen vac AI.

If Garmin can emulate the KI256 with this new box they will sell loads. Especially as King’s KI300 appears to be vapourware as usual. Emulating a KI256 (basically an LVDT bent round into a circle) is about a week’s work for a competent analog+digital designer and a real fun project too

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Fly310 wrote:

Probably not important but shouldn’t it be 2730 kg?

Indeed. Thanks for correcting me.

Fly310 wrote:

Does anyone know more about the validity of this STC in EASA?

It depends if the G5 is considered to be a “digital multi function display”, which is excluded from CS-SC401a and if the applicable ETSO/JTSO or similar is met. I’d prefer a version without speed, altitude and heading anyway.

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dublinpilot 26-Jul-16 14:25 #09
Is it not a case of putting all your eggs in one basket? If you have an alternator failure (or other electrical failure) then you lose both primary and backup instruments.

All standby instruments that use electrical power have to have a dedicated back-up battery and the G5 can meet this requirement.

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Hmm. There seems to be a version that’s $1200 for non-certifieds. With my turn-and-bank having died, I’m very tempted (especially to see the horror on purists faces, the Lycoming engine already gives them fits :-))

Why would I want one of these? I’ve found that a significant enough percentage of VFR weather over the Irish Sea might as well be IMC due to the milk bowl effect, so I’m putting serious thought into having at least one gyro that’s newer than World War II vintage.

Has anyone got access to the installation manual for this? (I’m not interested in avionics where I can’t get the installation manual, and Garmin is terrible about publishing them)

Last Edited by alioth at 26 Jul 15:04
Andreas IOM

The G5 has 4.5 hours own battery endurance… more than enough I would think.

@mh what is shown on the display is up to the user.

@alioth does this help:

Last Edited by Shorrick_Mk2 at 26 Jul 15:11

So again the layman’s question: Am I allowed to install this in an 1220 kg EASA aircraft certfied for IFR?

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

And do I get it right that the G5 normally has no magnetometer/AHRS so displays track only?

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

On its own track only yes.

In the scenarios I know, the lack of a heading prevents the display of any superimposed data e.g.

  • traffic
  • stormscope
  • GPWS

as a certification requirement.

Something to check out…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

When would you want stormscope or traffic data displayed on the artificial horizon?

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