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Garmin G5 (merged thread)

Does anyone know what Arinc 429 labels are output by a G5/GAD29 when connecting it to a GPS/VHF Navigator?

Looking at the latest G5 IM, the G5 configuration table says to code EFIS / AIRDATA 1 (SDI 1) or EFIS / AIRDATA 2 (SDI 1), depending on whether no/Garmin a/p is connected or a non-Garmin autopilot is connected. But I can’t find anywhere the label details behind either of these two codings. EFIS / Airdata seems rather generic to me and leaves a lot open to speculation about what’s in the data stream. Or is there a general consensus?

LSZK, Switzerland

@chflyer, look in the manual for the uncertified G5, it contains the list of labels. The devices themselves are exactly the same.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

Many thanks. A good tip… never thought there would be such a difference between the two manuals.

LSZK, Switzerland

chflyer wrote:

never thought there would be such a difference between the two manuals.

Yeah, that’s a real pain, it’s like the Exp. boys can “do what they like” and the rest of us are treated like idiots…


The problem is that an Installation Manual (IM) is an FAA approved document and it confers all kinds of privileges for what are authorised installations, use of it as approved data for field approvals and STCs etc… The way the certification business works is a double edged sword.

As always in life, those with the knowledge end up in a better position

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Funny thread on the Mooney Facebook group where a guy posted a proud pictue of his avionics upgrade where he got a G5 installed and a new panel cut and the shop removed his ASI, Altimeter and VSI, none of which the G5 is certified to replace. Going to be an interesting conversation with the shop.

EIWT, Ireland

Yes very weird stuff. The OP seems a bit in denial at this time. And I don’t like the look of that half-naked panel


That sort of thing has been done many times. I know of one job where a plane was reduced in value by, ahem, something approaching 100%, but the installer (a big company) offered to sign off the Annual every year thereafter The plane was sold not long afterwards…

Few of these cases make the open air, for obvious reasons.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Does the G5 have any “attitude” output (RS232, ARINC429, whatever)?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I believe it’s on the CAN bus for use with the GFC500 autopilot.

Avionics geek.
Fairoaks. EGTF
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