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Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 conversion for aviation (merged)

I just bought this (it is by the looks only in german)

this is a mega headset I just added it to my QC25 works great!!

BTW i am in no way related to the seller!!

i always wanted to use the uflymike but thay are not availible any more and the new product not ready
i just tumbeled of this and it is great
now my senheisers1 difgital is for the pax wearing comfort is the huge differnt to me


They mention the Lemo plug option (my google translation). Does this power the headset, or is it still battery powered?

Have you tested it against the Bose A20?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

i dont have a A20 just Senheiser S1 digital and i prefer this option now as clamping is less noise all great i use it in a Beech 33
Batterypower comes from the QC25 so far i never had to change the battery alsoworks with battery dead not like the QC15

i been told battery life is very long i am still in the way to find out how long


Leosounds QC25 conversion.
have a look at this i got them sinca 1 week and they are great in compare to my senheiser s10 digital


@Peter_Paul would you have any further report on this Bose QC25 conversion kit?

I have just bought the QC25 (for train/airline travel etc) and while I haven’t yet tested it in the aircraft it does have really amazing ANR performance on the ground.

It probably won’t match my A20s but it’s worth looking at.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

No need for Google Translate as there are EN pages:

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

Peter wrote:

I have just bought the QC25 (for train/airline travel etc)

Just done the same… I am wondering if this conversion set is working well… would be a nice way to have ANR without spending the money of a Bose A20.

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

I have been using the QC25+avmike combination for a few months now and tested it in the Arrow, the Cheetah and the SR22.
Here are my “findings”, which I previously posted on PuF.

- a nice product idea
- a decent price (the mike is 160€, so if you get a QC25 for 220€, that’s 380€ total. I got my QC25 a bit cheaper
- works well
- in this combination, the mike can only be carried on the left hand side. I had been used for 20 years to have it on the right hand side, so that was a minor thing I had to get used to, but no big deal
- due to the mike, the “weight& balance” of the headset assembly isn’t quite perfect any more. The headset “leans” to the side of the mike ever so slightly
- most of all: I am not 100% happy with the head band of the QC25. It’s a bit too narrow and has too little padding for my head, I need to wear a cap (ideally) to make it comfortable

- I can’t compare it with a Bose A20, since I have never used one. I assume the “technical” specifications (both of the headhones and the mike) are the same, but I guess a A20 will be a little more comfortable overall, due to the two points mentioned above
- I have compared it with my ancient Lightspeed Zulu I in the Cirrus. The audio is definitely better in the Bose (no surprise, the Zulu I is now technologically 8 years old or so). However, the passive noise reduction is a bit better on the Lightspeed. It is not 100% ideal on the Bose.

The uflymike of course looks more “OEM” and less "DIY, but somehow, it doesn’t really seem to gain any traction on the German market.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Isn’t one of the problems with using the QC25 as an aviation headset that it is not fail-safe, i.e. if the electronics quits working, you won’t hear anything at all?


The QC25 does work with ANR turned off (there is a very slight change in the music quality, with the upper end going a bit mushy) so probably this doesn’t apply.

There are some consumer ANR headsets which are barely usable with ANR turned off, or with a flat battery, e.g. Sony.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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