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Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 conversion for aviation (merged)

QC15 would go silent when out of battery
The QC25 only looses ANR. You can still use them as normal without battery.

When ordering the uFlymike, order with extra long boom


I think I‘ll give the Norwegian one a try, looks the best imho!

EASA CB IR Training

I have been using this one for one year now with my QC25 and are quite happy with it.


EDAQ, Germany

Made in germany and good price…hmh….

EASA CB IR Training

That looks very neat. I must test the QC25 against the Bose X and the A20.

Sure the QC25 works without power but the noise reduction performance is quite poor even on a bus, never mind sitting a few feet behind an IO540

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The QC25 dropped further in price (ca. 160€ on Amazon).

I will order the Avee Mic for the Bose shortly. Link:
If anyone is interested in saving shipping I can order more (and deliver it on one of my frequent stops to LGW, CDG, CPH, ARN, OSL, BCN, FCO, VIE, GRZ etc..). Let me know soon please.

Last Edited by Snoopy at 07 Jan 10:16
EASA CB IR Training

I saw this in a other forum and it looks to me like a nice idea for pax etc. also so you dont have a aviation only headset

and maybe to further “pimp it”


I have flight tested (and bought) the Nflightmic QC25 aviation mike adaptor kit from Peter Mundy’s shop

The QC25 headset performance is probably comparable to the original Bose X headset. This is excellent and better than the vast majority of GA headsets although not as good as the A20 which is better still by quite a margin.

The kit is the microphone and the cabling, with the two jacks. The mike is very good. It is a lot more “crisp” than the Bose mikes. I think the frequency response is much better.

With the QC25 being available on Ebay for relative peanuts, this is a great value kit. And you can use the QC25 on airliners, trains, etc to drown out (I don’t literally mean drown, of course ) the screaming kids…

Justine much prefers the QC25 over either of the Bose headsets, for light weight and comfort.

The only downside is that there isn’t a Lemo-plug aircraft powered version but there is no way (short of hacking) of powering the QC25 externally.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Another advantage of the QC25 with the Leosounds Mic is the size fits kids very well. Much better than specific headsets for kids.

ETSI - Ingolstadt, Germany

@Snoopy: Can you share your experience with the Avee? They currently have 15% off for christmas (I missed the 25% Black Friday sale) and I am about to order it.

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