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Crimping versus soldering, in avionics

I will say something on top, due to my experience of avionics made by amateurs that I have to fix later.

If you have:
1. Correct high quality, original crimp’s
2. Correct approved wire
3. Correct approved tool (original one)


If you haven’t all this 3 points, change connector and solder it i.a.w. best soldering techniques you can achieve.

Sad amateur reality is that most of pseudo-avionic guys haven’t expensive crimpers or correct materials, they try to crimp incorrect wiring by pliers or incorrect tools and effect is really dramatic. Then it’s better when they go to better known ground of soldering.

Personally, when I’m finding exchanged garmin or other crimp connectors to solder ones. I always advise customer of additional cost as I’m going to go back to factory standard but worst I have seen is improper crimping – it will NEVER work properly!

Last Edited by Przemek at 13 Jan 20:05
EDLH, Germany

Would you consider the crimping tools by JrReady acceptable compared to the Daniels ones? At least Steinair promotes and sells them to customers although they mainly target the homebuilt scene as far as I understand. On the other hand homebuilders seem to develop increasing professional skills when wiring their avionics.

EDAQ, Germany
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