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The joke of component certification and EASA 145 (ancient stock sold as serviceable)

Who can spot it?

This was one of 2 "new" p-clips bought by myself in 2008, from one of UK's best known aviation parts suppliers.

It came with a thick wad of documentation, with names of various long dead airlines, but the green tag is the best one...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

They've left out the invoice address and Approval numbers?

Those were my edits

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Something to do with "nipples" and "clamps" ;-)

They're only 5 years younger than me!

Forever learning

I wonder how they attach these labels to 0402 SMD resistors.

That's how you magically transform a fraction-of-a-cent part into a tens-of-dollars part.

LSZK, Switzerland

A textbook example of New Old Stock!

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

Other than the batch number not matching and the high probability that this part has been filched from Boeing's stockroom, I do like the idea of selling a component that is certified off the back of an inspection in 1968. So nothing could possibly have happened to that part over the last 40 years...?


Those were my edits

Honestly? Hahaha! How did you get such square corners with the tippex?

'Electronic Edits' - but sure you all worked that out.

Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom
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